Samsung S8500 Wave

Samsung S8500 Wave

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  • Srdjan

SweeetY, 05 Aug 2021The best phone i ever had, all metal and amoled screen, bui... moreI agree. The best phone I ever had and the best phone I ever had with worst software. :)

  • Anonymous

SweeetY, 05 Aug 2021The best phone i ever had, all metal and amoled screen, bui... moreFacebook was out before 2010 so was youtube

  • Mato

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2010This phone is a beast.I agree. Mine still works though it's super slow.

  • SweeetY

The best phone i ever had, all metal and amoled screen, built like a tank. I don't use it anymore because Bada is dead, but it was the good old Facebook, Youtube and all those time wasters.

  • Anonymous

This is an excellent phone, I still use it. Original battery on stand by and little use holds up to 3 days. The OS is very stable although internet is too slow for many years already but it still works.

  • Anonymous

Services unavailable (1004)

  • Simon

This phone was amazing at its time. It also still is the best Samsung-designed Smartphone to date. Really wishing Samsung went back to those shapes.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-529255, 22 Apr 2016Me too :D with no GAPPS , perfect for not be intrused by go... moreHow to root teavh me

  • Fonso

Macbeth, 15 May 2018how do you get android running on this?Works, slow as a slug. But works

  • AnonD-632062

The first Super AMOLED! A star was born!

WHY !!!??????
Why mobiles phones companies continue fooling us ????
I had Samsung S8500 Wave but I stopped using it because I want to upgrade to android phones , I waste more than 4200 $ USD since 2011 till 2018 buying android phones from Samsung ,Sony, LG , Huawei , iphone , Nokia , and ulefone rugged phone,
all of them not functioning now and some not working at all, because
of water damage ( although they suppose to be waterproof like ulefone armor 2 and sony xperia Z and Z2 ) , broken screen (most of them samsung galaxies and Ace ) , lagging and not working well , CPU defect (LG G4).
And guess what , yasterday I opened my mobile phones grave box and found the Samsung S8500 Wave still working fine and the screen was't scratched at all , like brand new !! so I grab 4 mobile phones from different brands with good screen ( water-damaged, lagging or cpu defect phones ) and I test them all , by scratch them by a knife and metal tools and doping them , hitting them and throwing them at the wall. And Samsung S8500 Wave shock me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make me think how fool we are because I relies that all companies now making fool of us all ( cars, mobiles, electronics and etc ) they intend to make their product stunning and attractive but with life limit , they make product in away so it won't last with you then you have to buy it again or go for new model with worse quality without you notice that.
Yeah, Samsung S8500 Wave pass all the test with miner scratch I can't even see it without focused light , it has the most durable and powerful screen among all mobiles I had till from 2011 till 2018. so Corning Gorilla Glass 2 , 3, 4, 5 , 6 it's just a lie , it goes to the worst not to the greatest. how comes mobile with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 break easily like Samsung S8 with one drop 1.5 M height ?????????????? and how comes waterproof phones get damaged my water , HOW ????! , phones with MIL-STD-810G compliant is a lie too , looks how LG G6 break easily by simple drop !!!!!
Samsung S8500 Wave been made with highest standards I ever seen with powerful camera, and it is 8 years old, Samsung could upgrade it with latest tech with same standard but they don't want that for sure .

how do you get android running on this?

  • Cleoper moses

How to setting data in this phone

AnonD-635757, 20 Jan 2017Suddenly unable to play You Tube videos. Any solutions?Get a new phone. Even a $20 phone is able to play YouTube.

  • Zamudek

Rico, 10 Nov 2016Samsung created a brand new OS: Bada. Then Sasmung declared... moreWell It might be a bit late now to write this but still...
There is a ton of android ROMs flying around for this phone, you can even get marshmallow. Of course, it's small storage of 2gb and now underpowered specs are nowhere near flashy but it is still usable. The phone's Bada OS has lost it's support long long ago but the phone is still, well...a phone. You can still call, text, use social networks, watch youtube trough the browser, use mail and even play Java games...Java games people! That's pretty much a luxury on nowdays phones since java is not supported on android phones. I bricked my wave when I accidentally deleted the bootloader instead of replacing it (now I can no longer do anything, I can only start a bootloop now, it does not accept new firmware :p)

  • sjchinthaka

I have this phone,i bought at 2011 january 01,now current phone is this,no fault,no errors.

  • Nuk

AnonD-635757, 20 Jan 2017Suddenly unable to play You Tube videos. Any solutions?Why don't you get a phone that's capable of anything lol. You tube isn't working because YouTube's API are no longer supported from this era

  • AnonD-635757

Suddenly unable to play You Tube videos. Any solutions?

  • Rico

Samsung created a brand new OS: Bada. Then Sasmung declared Bada a failure, but Bada it's the only possibile OS for this smartphone.
Because of this you can do nothing at all. No whatsapp, no Google apps. Just the stock option. There is no assistance, no help for their own costumers! Samsung is definitely one of the worst company in the world.

  • Adam

You cannot install Whatsapp. This phone doesn't run Android, so it isn't possible to install any android app. Samsung Wave series' phones run Bada OS instead of Android OS (different software platform)