Samsung S8500 Wave

Samsung S8500 Wave

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  • Jojisi

Samsung apps defective. It asks for update but after updating it does not function but ask for update again and again when I open it after updating. It just keep going on asking for update even after 10 updates have been performed. I cannot download anymore apps due to this.

  • Anon

new fan, 27 Sep 2016can this phone whats app or what i cant seem to download the app.No way to install WhatsApp my friend. The OS of the fone is BADA. Buy an Android or iOS fone then u get whatsapp.

  • new fan

can this phone whats app or what i cant seem to download the app.

  • Liamwoods

Hey im thinking about buying this phone 2nd hand but the most important thing is that i can get some kind of maps on it. does someone know if this is possible?


  • AnonD-559662


I have a friend who absolutly adores his wave. He has very recently moved on to an Android phone and he cannot move his contacts to the new phone. The contacts are dear to him as they are work related. Any solutions to this? Thank you.

  • AnonD-529255

_V_, 24 Jun 2014S8500 is one of the best phones in history. Lack of Android... moreI subscribe in everyword you said ...i will never sell this phone...sill using it with android after 5 years wih great videos and fotos..suberb

  • AnonD-529255

ObeT, 29 Dec 2014Great phone. Great design......... Battery life is amazing.... moreMe too :D with no GAPPS , perfect for not be intrused by google services consuming my life and batery ;) . Don´t have a compatible perfomance with android... ok , but it works fine in my kitkat 4.4.4 version rom .....videos and fotos are excelent . Display quality fantastic in every angle and dimension screen works perfect for me with the elementary aplications i need . Im looking finaly for a new one , but its dificult to find with a funcional rom without scum aplications and anoising GAPPS


I love d camera most, its what u can't get in bigger phones.

  • Anonymous

sunny, 18 Apr 2015how did instal play store?You need to upgrade the Bada OS 2.0v to Tizen OS 2.3v first but i don't know how. Tizen is the new version of Bada. There is no play store as this is not android phone.

  • sunny

how did instal play store?

  • seb

great phone great build quality camera screen and no spying like android & iphones do! 4 yrs already and no problems - worth money!!

  • Lsteak

Jagannath, 05 Feb 2015get a jar file of whatsapp . . I have a whatsapp on my wav... morehow did you install whatsapp?

  • Paolo

My Wave is CM 11

  • No Thanks

apple is better than android

  • Jagannath

AnonD-296929, 21 Aug 2014hellow... iam using samsung s8500 bada 1.0. iam trying to g... moreget a jar file of whatsapp . . I have a whatsapp on my wave phone

  • ajay

if. I can use what'sup in this phone

  • dammy

pls can i whatsapp with this product ?

  • ObeT

Great phone. Great design......... Battery life is amazing. sounds are clear, picture/videos are good. Im still using this phone since 2010.

  • Omar Mohamed

AnonD-338205, 19 Dec 2014Guys, does anyone know how to get BADA APPS back to my phon... moreunluckly most of them are lost and deleted from servers !

  • AnonD-338205

Guys, does anyone know how to get BADA APPS back to my phone? I did factory reset and now lost all of them!