Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • Ruban

is it possible for us to use the front camera to take fotos?

  • Anonymous

Anybody facing camera failed problem? My phone is two hours old and i am getting Camera failed.

Also thumbnails everywhere including music player media browser etc are blurry..did anybody face this problem.Even dolphin browser is not clear..just open google maps in dolphin, is it clear and crisp..mine is blurry? anybody with same issue

  • Ruban

Thanks for responding me. Do you have any themes for our wave II? If so can u send them to me? Even if we use “Samsung apps” for 2-3 mins, around 30rs is charged. No way to avoid this ah? Cant we use Samsung apps freely?

  • wajhi

@sudi- software is bad ? you got to be kidding me . i agree that the apps are less but its def not a bad OS. i got the phone yesterday and i love it . spent the whole night exploring this phone. Great phone. Period.

  • sudi

very bad software, no good apps available online,

  • asgme

Ruban, 03 Jan 2011Do anyone is having themes for samsung Wave II? If so can u plea... moreYou can get few good Wave II themes at Samsung Apps. Some of those are free and some will be charged to get downloaded in ur handheld.

Email me @ for any further doubt. I will help you out in this context as per my knowledge.

  • sekar

Can anyone tell me that wave II has a video call(3G).pls clarify.

  • Roopesh Kunnoth

elizabeth, 02 Jan 2011at 19k tis phone is still costly. if it drops to around 14k i will buyFriend, its really worth for that money, you wont regret, wave II rocking yaar

  • Anonymous

Reny, 03 Jan 2011Guyz ..Iam using an Airtel sim on my Wave2..and the GPRS is very... moreuse aircel its very very fast

  • Reny

Guyz ..Iam using an Airtel sim on my Wave2..and the GPRS is very slow..The youtube is not so clear due to slow connection ..Any other network provider who provides faster GPRS...What abt Tata Docomo...Also my samsung Apps is also not functioning properly due to slow connection....

  • aijaz

I want to buy a phone and i dont change my phone frequently. This will be my first touch screen phone. I want to know is this phone really worth. i want to use the phone for years. Plz suggest me b/w S8530 and c6-01/c7 or any other phone.

  • Ruban

Im using 16Gb memory card in my wave II. no differnce in speed. it is asusually very fast.

  • Ruban

Do anyone is having themes for samsung Wave II? If so can u please send them to me? actually the default theme in wave II is of .smt format. similar themes are in under wave(s8500). when i try to download them, it is prompting that, that one was an unsupported content. can anyone help me? plz.

  • Anonymous

If you have the money for nokia n8 then go for it .samsung wave lovers have been born buz of its old model the wave 1. and now since the wave is discontinued we have no choice but to go for wave II . and that doesn disappoint us bel me .cuz this an awesome phone with awesome specs . people looking out for this phone please go buy it

  • taksh

i am confused between this and htc desire. pls help

  • Plan to buy

19k price here in the phillippines.. its too expensive same as the orginal s8500. i think i prefered for nokia N8 than wave2. N8 and wave2 price is a little difference. So ill go for n8 great camera,16GB internal memory,USB otg,FM TRANSMITTER, HDMI, Gorilliaz glass display, Life times GPS...

  • Ganga

Hi all,

I have bought a this on the eve of new year. its damn good. its display and camera are far better than NOKIA C7 and Sony ericson vivaz. I have bought this at 17500k in pune. its awsome !!!!!!!! Lai Bhariiiiiiii

  • Anonymous

is there any app for video calls like skype or fring etc??

  • elizabeth

at 19k tis phone is still costly. if it drops to around 14k i will buy

  • narendra

hey.. Me from Pune..
Atlast after abt 6 mnths I bought Wave II today for 18500.

Can ne1 guide me on how to use TV out feature and connect Wave II to TV?