Samsung SDI will still produce batteries for Galaxy S8

Yordan, 04 January 2017

Samsung is going to publish soon its report about the Galaxy Note 7, but insider sources report that the problem was not an issue with the battery, produced by Samsung SDI.

According to recent rumors the charge component for the next devices that the Korean company is unveiling in 2017 will be made by Samsung SDI and not LG or TDK. The first phones out there are the Galaxy A-series which are going on sale in Russia and Malaysia this month. A Samsung official said:

SDI’s large-capacity battery is installed in Galaxy A 2017. It will not be the sole supply but it will be the battery supplier for most of the devices.

Samsung SDI also noted in a statement that they will also supply batteries for the next-generation flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. So clearly Samsung is confident its own battery division is still capable of delivering a product good enough for what is arguably the most important launch in its history. Here's hoping it's right.

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Reader comments

Dear I would love the truth. I only buy sami products knowing their batteries are bad. Note 1, 3, 4(changed twice) all had vad batteries. 2 10k mAmp powerpacks that lost their fast charge after 3 charges. I have S7 edge which slightly better. Nothing...

  • Anonymous
  • 05 Jan 2017
  • thv

Sure you want to stay away from samsung? i heard snapdragon will be produced by samsung.

  • AnonD-625786
  • 05 Jan 2017
  • 0@f

Aw, then too bad I use a Huawei phone powered by a battery Huawei made, right?

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