Samsung SGH-250

Samsung SGH-250

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  • Raviku22

JoshuaReen, 28 Oct 2020Not really, it's first one was SC100, released in 1985But it failed so it doesn't count.

Not really, it's first one was SC100, released in 1985

  • xCyborg

First Samsung phone to be release, 24 years ago, WOW.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2003uglyno u

  • Bultorone

I miss u so much already.

  • Mohn

plz I want this phone.

  • Anonymous

I wonder if any of the guys working on this phone still work on Samsung current phones, like Note9 or S10

  • bad

this is good mobile, has keyboard and good screen. better than s9 mobile

  • Anonymous

miq luna, 19 Feb 2010pretty easy. u just have to format the phone first. try sma... moreThat was a good one

  • Frodo

The Samsung Note is just an improved model of this phone. Similar to the upgrade of the Huawei P7 to the Huawei P10. Therefore, I agree 100% with your comment!

  • Genakes

Frodo, 06 Mar 2018Very cool phone. Takes nice pictures!Frodo :) ...I believe that has the leica optics they preped this phone wth the Note internals back then this is super jas bra..omp

  • Frodo

Very cool phone. Takes nice pictures!


JESSICA, 10 Feb 2017very nice phone....easy to operate and lasts longerdo you have this handset??

  • SGH-250 (1996)

This Was The First Samsung Hand-Held Device That I Believe Was Released. 700 MAH Is Pretty Much Good For Usage Back Then!


very nice phone....easy to operate and lasts longer

  • razzledazzle

smsugn is the best phone mker in the whle world I luv aall the phones especiallt the nwen I phone

  • AnonD-633724

AnonD-613242, 23 Nov 2016I bought this phone when it launched in 1996 and I've survi... moreNice Name Mate and sure it took a bullet for you

  • allo

very strong phone also handy.

  • asd

nokia is way more better that samsung

  • AnonD-613242

I bought this phone when it launched in 1996 and I've survived Vietnam with it. I was once shot in the chest and this thing took the bullet. No damage to it! Strongly reccomend buying this phone. I play World of Tanks on it in Korea and it was great, I used it as a remote to control my tank too! 10/10 would bring to 'Nam again!