Samsung SGH-250

Samsung SGH-250

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  • AnonD-613242

I bought this phone when it launched in 1996 and I've survived Vietnam with it. I was once shot in the chest and this thing took the bullet. No damage to it! Strongly reccomend buying this phone. I play World of Tanks on it in Korea and it was great, I used it as a remote to control my tank too! 10/10 would bring to 'Nam again!

  • poop_lover

i can swear to you , this is the best phone out there

  • boss

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2016Is this the first Samsung phone?yes sir

  • Anonymous

after ive heard of the N7 issue, I want to buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

Is this the first Samsung phone?

  • bob

very stylish and socially exeptable to have these dayz.

  • Technology

I like to see the old phones. It reminds me off 1989

  • phonefromfuture

[deleted post]your comment is boring put me to sleep ......yawn

  • curiouskid

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2015Whats thatthing on top?That thing? It's called an antenna. You seriously don't know what it is??

  • Pipoyman

I cant believe you guys... this phone is awesome... when it comes to smacking your face with it

  • AnonD-474875

the most funniest phone ever made there is nothing on this phone exept the sms and calling

  • Anonymous

Whats thatthing on top?

  • nick

Anonymous, 24 Dec 2014This is Samsung!! Before it was coolyea before it was cool and now it is apple samsung

  • Anonymous

This is Samsung!! Before it was cool

  • averhielle

AnonD-37781, 08 Nov 2014You shouldn't buy it .. It won't have the Android Lollipop ... moreits not updatable to android lollipop because its monochrome,no games,no play store,just about everything except texting and calling.

  • AnonD-37781

AnonD-101901, 07 Nov 2014Wow! More specific specs. I want to buy this one. hahahaYou shouldn't buy it .. It won't have the Android Lollipop update :v

  • AnonD-101901

Wow! More specific specs. I want to buy this one. hahaha

  • Dhonzkie

Wow! Please put the additional specs on this phone.. I want to buy this one.

  • kirito

wow so old hahahah

  • ehsan

Hahaha galaxy note 4