Samsung SGH-250

Samsung SGH-250

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  • Helllo

Are youz all mad, have u seen this phone. IT IS A camera no poly's no nuffin all u can do is's a fone the cavemen would have used and even they would have got bored................MY GOD go get yerselves an fone ever

  • catalin

had one of those some years ago. very good looking phone, great quality.

  • my dream phone

this phone is my dream phone.unlyke tat dumb nokia, make phone look damn sporty n no class

  • esson

my software for USB data doesn't work, I cannot transfer mp3 and photos.what should I do ? :o)

  • la_buly_san

i heard that u can transfer information from this fone with a USB cable. a few days ago i bought a camera for this fone and it looks cool, the fotos r black n white.

  • Anonymous


  • steven

i have a samsung sgh 250 but my charger doesnt seem to work. i bought the phone from dick smith electronics about 3 years ago and now can't find a charger for the phone as they say that there is no more stock anywhere.. If anyone knows of how i would be able to a get a charge please email me as i am in great need for one.

  • jaime medeiros

I want to buy a battery for the SGH-250 and i dont no where can i do it, please send me a e-mail. Thank you.
My adress is: - Jaime Medeiros Rua do Telheiro 6-A 7800-601 Albernoa -Portugal

  • ahmet tılfarl&#

dear sir
I strictly this telephones battery.
I live in Turkey
sincerely yours

  • olatz

i would like to buy a battery for my phone in Bilbao, spain, can you tell me where? i can not find it

thanks a lot of