Samsung releases three more Ingenius videos mocking the iPhone X

Ro, 27 July 2018

Samsung's ad game has always been strong, the company using its extensive marketing budget to deliver some entertaining clips. The latest of those is the Ingenius series of short clips mocking the Apple iPhone X.

They are rarely more than 30 seconds long but are usually fun to watch. The first batch mocked the iPhone's lack of Gigabit LTE and later Samsung mocked the iPhone X's lack of fast charging, lesser camera and its need for dongles in three new videos. Now we have another trio of episodes in the series.

They focus on the iPhone's lack of support for split screen multitasking, its non-expandable storage and notch.

Here they go - grab the popcorn.


Reader comments

Completely nailed Apple, hope more people will open their eyes before buying any apple garbage products :)

There is no perfect phone in this world but choose what you really want for your wishlist, peace.

I noticed the GG GG if that's what you meant. lol