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Samsung T819

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  • Sameer

Cool phone. good for those who want simple phone rather than 1000's of options. Looks good. Sound Quality is ok. Very Sleek and looks stylish.

  • Trent

Ok. This is a really FUN phone, to me it is. I just bought T819 and its a big difference from my Sidekick 3. I say the phone is GREAT. And what is it that you guys are talking about when it doesnt hang up in a "magnetic case" i dont understand. So can u help me with that?

  • gcotton27

Once again some people need to be advised the phone is 3G and to increase the ring tone volume from the home screen

  • gcotton27

ok! ok! I admit I work for Tmobile USA. There are two problems with the 819. (1)The phone does hang up when its receiving a call coming out of a magnetic case. (2) we have had people return the phone because of an echo effect.
NOTE: There is VIBRATE and MELODY! Settings

  • Anonymous

I dont really think all u people should complain about da fonr i got it today N i love it im still workin out some kinks bt soo far soo good. Also for all the people who aren't sattisfied with ur new fonr tooo bad for u huh cuz u didnt have to get dat one u had other options N da reason stores put fones out is for people to try da fone N c it's features Garsh stop being such babies

  • RKB

I have T819 for 2 days. Can someone please explain how can I change ring tone and increase the volume. There does not seem to be any options for changing ring tone. The volume setting is too low. thanks.

  • Anonymous

last phone I had it was way better(T629). had to return it because I could not understand the other party(w/same phone). less features also.

  • Melissa

Does anybody know how to customize the right and left soft key? I know the sofy key with the square on it is customizable, its the other two i just can't seem to figure out.

The reason why i ask is because the down navigation button is phonebook, and the right soft key is also phonebook. No need to have two buttons for the same function.

I went to the T-mobile store and asked the reps, but they dont know so please

Email me

  • Nel

I just got this phone last week and I also noticed that the phone would hang up when I take the phone out of the magnetic case when someone calls me. The solution, go to menu and then go to settings, then go to phone settings, and highlight "slide settings" from the menu highlight "continue operation" that should correct the hang up problem.

  • Anonymous

i don't know why people are complaining the whole purpose of a cell phone is to talk to people not the game or ringer or whatever. i just chose this phone cause it was the first thing i saw and it looked cool. i only need it to talk to my friends and family. and whats so complicated about it? read the manual for pete sake. it should explain how to work it, which is the whole idea of it, not to waste paper

  • vanessa -b

The brown color is the Hottest this summer,
I'm in fashion industry , so I know what is hot.

  • Lana

I've just gotten this phone. It's hot and I love to play around with it. Yeah, they could've add ringer+vibrio option.But it doesn't bother me. Anyway when I am at work ,I keep the phone on silent mode.

  • Just think

Now Samsung could have did better. All they did was change the color on the phone and some buttons. All this phone really is a T639 which both have the same features.

  • Rich

You guys don't know nothing about phones if you knew how to work the menu settings on the sounds profile, you can clearly see that it has the vibe and ring feature!

  • J.Stuff

I am having a couple of issues with this phone. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem. People I call tell me that they hear an echo of their own voice whenever they speak; i believe this means that the echo cancellation is faulty. I have tried lowering the volume on my own phone and having the recievers lower their volume also, but they still hear their echo. THis is a major inconvenience and annoyance. Also, if someone calls me, and I pull it out of the case, it automatically hangs up on the person because it passes through a magnet inside of the case. Finally, the receivers of my calls also tell me that my voice sounds incredibly fuzzy. It is ashame because I truly do like the phone in it's look, and features, but these issues are frustrating and I am planning on returning this phone. For the record, I went to the store and tried out another phone of the same model. It had all of the same issues. So, it must a defect within the model of the phone overall. If any of these problems are happening to you, please post them and let me know.

  • Anonymous

I have had my T819 for 4 days. So far, I am not impressed. I love to test and the text screen looks primitive. It has clumsy predicitve text. I hate that it lacks vibe+ring and is an overall disappointment. Boo hiss!

  • Anonymous

it sucks, muffled sound from other party using the same type of phone, no vibration+ring feature. worse then the t629 which it was a lot better phone.
I'm returning this phone.

  • TrinitarianJam

IMHO, this phone looks much better up close n' personal (not that it looks all that bad on a computer screen). Anywho, I'm currently tryna decide if I want the T819 or the Samsung Blast as I LOOOOVE to text...and sliders! Anywho, lemme get back to my T819 vs. Blast Pros/Cons list. Hey, since I'm having such a hard time making my mind up as to which phone to get, any and all opinions will be appreciated.

  • Jessica

I beg to differ with the other reviewers on here. The design is very sleek and the color is unique, giving it a modern look. All the buttons look nice and simple.

  • Anonymous

Excellent for a secondary fone..