Samsung T819

Samsung T819

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ii liike thiis ph0ne iits niice and siimple :)

and iit kuy0ttee!

  • Anonymous

dean, 02 May 2008Just bought this phone got a USB cord for it can some tell ... moreii just 0rdered thiis ph0ne t0day. and ii w0uld liike 2 kn0 what cha'll thiink ab0ut iit :)

  • Nel

Does this phone have auto keypad lock of which we can set the timing? And how long is the alarm snooze? Thanx!

  • Anonymous

I got a problem with this phone.. I tried the bluetooth, but it doesn't work properly. I tried to connect to another device,and I can look for other device, but nobody can saw my phone device.. I already turn on the bluetooth visibility, but it doesn't work. Have anybody got the same problem as me?

  • Anonymous

Jackie, 05 May 2008Does anybody know how to turn the vibrate mode off? Sometim... moreyou just have to press #

  • Anonymous

It's a great phone, the best of Samsung

  • Anonymous

I got this phone 3 months ago, and all i can say is that the phone it's addictive... it takes awesome pictures, u can put songs on it, u can stay online on yahoo...u can stay entertained with a phone like this...i love it...

  • billy

i want this phone is there any problems?

  • Anonymous

i have this phone and i love i think that it is AWESOME!!!!

  • Hope this helps

Great phone. I give it a 3.5 star out of 5
Here is what you do if you want to download Mp3 or pictures etc.. Invest in a card reader.(cost is $13) Downloading from the phone take longer and you will need to install a driver..headaches.. Samsung does not provide this USB cable($15)
Camera 1.3 is ok, but the zoom is awesome after picture is taken.

  • Anonymous

good thing company t mobile made this phone AWESOME!!!!!

  • Jackie

Does anybody know how to turn the vibrate mode off? Sometimes I just want it to stay silent but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Thanks!

  • dean

Just bought this phone got a USB cord for it can some tell me why it wont pop up so I can download the software?

  • beth

i do not have this phone, but i am interested in it.... does anyone know if there is a maximum length that songs can be to be set as ringtones? and if so, is it at least over 30 secs?

  • Anonymous

recently i decided to play with the block list option..but one of the numbers that was placed on the block list i now want to take off..but i dont know how..can someone please help me

  • dee

i just got this phone a few days ago. its a really nice phone the problem is tho my callers sound really muffled. does anyone else seem to have that problem? if so what can i do? i already exchanged it and that doesnt seem to help. any ideas are welcomed. thanks

  • Anonymous

you can go in a assign which com port to connect to. go to start then control panel, system, hardware, device manager, then ports. Expand the ports and it should show you your phone and what com port it is linked to.

  • trish

ok so im trying to get mp3's sent to my phone and my computer keeps saying something about com ports? anyone fimiliar with this? pls help

  • gcotton27

TRENT..........Waive a magnetic case over the phone while it is ringing and watch it send the call to voicemail.


First off let me tell you that I was skeptical about T-Mobile and the T819 in general...but I have to say that I really do like this phone. It is stylish and easy to navigate. The sound quality of the calls could be better but I think it's a combination of T-Mobile and the phone also...The speaker could be a little louder! The only other complaint I have is that I can't figure out for the life of me, how to change the navigation buttons to what I want them to be. Does anyone know if this is possible with this phone? Please post here if you do.

As a whole I dig this phone and you couldn't beat the price (free with 2 year activation). If you are looking for a phone that is going to cook, clean and fly rocket ships for you...this is not the phone. If you're looking for a phone that is stylish, easy to use and serves its purpose as a phone with cool options (okay photo, video and MP3 player), I would recommend and say that this phone is for you!!!