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Samsung T819

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  • Anonymous

I bought the t819 today. It's great except I can't figure out how to set the "save new contacts to" and "view contacts from" in the phonebook management section, so that I can select it!

  • dido

Caroline, 19 Oct 2008(Continued from previous post) ...oh yeah...and how do i... morehad the same problem.. took me a while to figure it out.
go to settings>sound profiles>options>edit. then the last tab, phone sound volume, turn it all the way down. And here you can change every sound on your phone.

  • Caroline

(Continued from previous post)

...oh yeah...and how do i silence the keypad tones WITHOUT putting the phone on silent mode? I still need it to ring, but can't handle the beeps everytime I touch a button!

  • Caroline

Hey I just got this phone today and love it, but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to silence the keypad tones. It's driving me nuts that when I text it beeps with every key I hit! The farthest I've gotten is going to settings, then sound profiles, select "normal" profile, then hit options/edit, select "keypad tone" where the only two choices are "beep" and "xylophone." There has got to be a way to turn the keypad tones off, right? please help!

  • juan

d, 16 Oct 2008Samsung website has a Free! download of a program pctools i... morewhats the website called?

  • d

scoot, 09 Oct 2008How do I put music on my phone from my laptop or picture... moreSamsung website has a Free! download of a program pctools i have been able to link my phone to my pc with bluetooth and transfur pics music and my phone
book. the only people that hate this phone dont know this phone

  • scoot

do I put music on my phone from my laptop
or pictures on my phone using my laptop.

  • Anonymous

This phone sucks. It's like the best phone for the first four months.. Seriously i never dropped my phone or got water damage. I was on it talking to a friend, Someone called me as i was on the phone, my screen locked up. I took my battery out to reset it. I turn it back on to see it say DOWNLOAD on my screen and everytime i take my battery out and put it back on. That's all i get. Also the camera is only a 1.3, rofl its not that great. That starts to mess up after about three months of having this phone. It's like it's only built to last four months... pain in the a$$

  • mark mendoza

i think this phone is a real lousy phone!!!

  • .Madison

Can you set different song for when you recieve a text message

  • Sierra

I can not view picture messages sent from other service carriers (verizon, at&t, etc). Does anyone else have this problem? T-Mobile has been very little help with this problem.

  • Anonymous

Can you change the noise it makes when you get a text? If so, please explain.

  • Buddy

dean, 02 May 2008Just bought this phone got a USB cord for it can some tell ... moreIf you chk the specs, the phn is not a mass memory device. My car stereo has a usb slot and I tried to connect to my stereo. It didn't work. I even have an sd card and it won't play my music. Sorry buddy :(

  • heungman

i had Samsung T819 for a few months now. however, still couldn't figure out how to download pictures to my desktop. btw, i don't own a SD card yet...... your advice will be appreciated.

  • Ashley Johnson

My phone came apart and is now in 2 pieces, still works, I can line up the tracks but the little metal tab inside I cannot connect to anything. I went to T-mobile and they couldn't help me, but told to call Samsung Customer Service. Samsung only has one location for repairs, and it will cost me alot more than the phone it's self to ship, and repair it. Can you supply us with information on how to reconnect the tab or figure out a more customer friendly repair method. I am torked!

  • hope this helps

When playing your music and if you think the sound is low, well use a brand new roll of toilet paper...meaning use the hole over the speaker phone and listen. tell me what you guys joke...this does work it amplifies 10dB of gain...please try and you'll be amazed...

  • jodi

yea its has a pretty low volume but the phone's really nice .

  • itz lorenz xD

Hey guys I just got the phone yesterday. Well I think sound quality is decent. Overall this phone is pretty sweet.

  • jj

this is pretty good phone, but the volume output is so low so that it's hard to hear if people are calling you if you're somewhere noisy! my old razr outblasted this phon

  • Anonymous

i love the phone