Samsung teases reimagined camera on the Galaxy S9

Ivan, 15 February 2018

Samsung has released another quick video teaser for the upcoming Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ this time focusing on the camera in its entirety.

The previous promo video teased the new slow-motion and low-light abilities of the Galaxy S9 camera, this one hints at better selfies, selfie video, some sort of Snapchat-like animation effects (like the ones the Galaxy S/S8+ already have), flash and low light photography and finally Boomerang-like warp videos.

The word reimagined suggests that Samsung's new flagship camera(s) will be much more than just refined, but will be completely different. Given that the S8 already had a very capable camera this could be properly exciting.


Reader comments

  • AnonD-739553

Preferably one with grammar and spell check capabilities.

  • benben

why is it always about cameras.. Please.. hoping for loud dual stereo speakers and less curved screen so i can put a f'in tempered glass without it coming off every 1 month due to the curved screens. Please Samsung. I'm fine with the S8 fingerprint...

  • AnonD-723538

So comparing a camera to a phone makes perfect sense...

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