Samsung U900 Soul

Samsung U900 Soul

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  • Anonymous

Is this phone made of steel?Luxury phone like nokia 8xxx?

  • ram

ok this samsung very good

  • King Kong

Samsung has really no imagination. Just a mix of crappy G600 and crappy E950 gives a very crappy phone...

  • f

what is the deal with samsung and NO WIFI :S

  • King Kong

This is only the crappy E950 a bit better...
With QVGA (=320x240)video recording ? Even my Samsung of three years ago could do better than that with CIF (=352x288) resolution !

CIF = 352x288 QCIF = 176X220 QVGA = 320x240 VGA = 640x480

  • vision

On the home page it says this phone is Quad band then how come its tri band here :S "Along with has quad-band GSM support"

  • leila

like samsung phones, and i think this is a great phone..

  • Cappy

it said in the phonescoop website that this phone would have quadband but clearly is shown as a triband in the specs.

  • h2

not bad ,not so interestting

  • Anonymous

tis phone design great, i wonder how the music section will fare and the camera without xenon flash will be gd?...i will rush to buy tis phone once it come out

  • Anonymous

i agree with you gooster, they need to make more 850 quad band phones. after seeing so many good samsung phones go triband and myself a loyal samsung user (sgh-d900), i think this may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. i think their constant disregard for the american customer is outrageous and i'm ready to just switch to either nokia or motorola. yes motorola, thats how much i'm starting to hate samsung and their triband only crap!!


samsung is always think and style new phones and strange , why nokia all phones style one way like e51 ,6300 ,7900,..........

  • MaX

This is the future!

  • gooster

looks like a great design....when will Samsung start making more 850 GSM phones

  • joey

Regardless of its features, what would be the phones' max. memory's capacity? Please shed some light on this...


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

6500 slide?

  • Anonymous

it looks very nice.. good camera.

  • Anonymous

ooo, it looks very interesting. good job for samsung! lets see more details about it..