Samsung U900 Soul

Samsung U900 Soul

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  • Worst Phone

Don't be fooled by a massive ad campaign.
This fone is the worst ever..
its been two weeks but man - scratches on this phone is rediculous..

Call quality and drop call compared to my last Nokia is terrible.. I use same operator so I blame SOUL...

  • Jay

Whoever gave the info about changing from 3G network thank you so much. I just need a load mp3 ringtone now and this phone is top notch

  • Anonymous

Does this support vivid text messaging?

I can't find it anywhere in the menus.

  • Gholombe

Is U900 in different colors ?? or it is just in one color ??

  • qman

kb, 18 Jun 2008hey qman thnx for replying..yeah it was a really difficult decis... moreno prob..just find yaself anice loud mp3 and u will have no probs with hearing ya phone.. hopefully samsung will bring out a firmware upgrade that will correct the somewhat low incall volume..glad u like the phone

  • kb

qman, 16 Jun 2008both are great phones.. i own the u900 & i got a mate who has t... morehey qman thnx for replying..yeah it was a really difficult decision but i got the u900. the n82 felt a bit bulky..really happy with my decision. the u900 is great..although it has it's ups and downs as any other mobile would have.

  • Nikki

Linda, 16 Jun 2008Hi Nikki, as you manage a phone shop...then would you say that t... moreWould like to tell everyone that having earlier said that I had to give in due the low volume on what is otherwise an excellent phone I have just got the F480 Tocco. Oh my God it's brill!! Just getting used to having no keys, but hey that took all of about 30 seconds, definitely better than the LG if you feel you have to get rid of the Soul.

  • Anonymous

Jay, 18 Jun 2008Can someone please explain how to turn off 3G on the phone as i ... moreyes it's for sure that 3g network is more power hungry.

To switch to GSM network (turning off 3g):
goto Settings -> Network settings -> Network mode -> select GSM 900/1800 (if you're in UK)

  • magy

hey i wish someone can help me. I'm trying to change the font and sixe of a sms. i kno its possible for a mms but it is possible for a sms?? thnx..

  • Anonymous

help me out here, please tell me is there a way to show any indication on the phone to know if there are any miss call or msg while in idle mode( when the screen goes black)

  • Jay

Can someone please explain how to turn off 3G on the phone as i have heard it drains the battery quicker

  • new Soul owner

This is a great phone. Yes the call volume is a little bit low but it's not as bad as others have said. Picture quality is great but not as great as I thought it would be. In bright outdoor light its super but once the light gets a little bit dim you're in trouble. Very grainy and blurry indoors and when dim. If you use the LED flash the flash gives that led blueish light that makes your subject look like a vampire. One trick I have found that will help with the blue flash color is to set the white balance to florescent lighting source that cancels it out a bit. Other phones with better cameras like the Ericsson cybershots and Nokia's are better because they have real flashes BUT they really are chunkier and bigger. Even the N82 is too big for my liking so this phone is it. Don't let the naysayers get you down from getting this phone!

  • Anonymous

edi, 13 Jun 2008the codes posted here are incorreect to get the volume up the... morehey does that mean that you have to reconfigure the phone every time you turn it off?
Can anyone tell me about battery life when playing music? is it the same as call time (which is rather short)?

Also, can anyone confirm the microSDHC compatibility up to 4G, is 8G possible? Is 4G slow or does the system handle it well?


  • Ryan

nlc, 17 Jun 2008does this phone have secondary camera for video call? please rep... moreYes, It supports secondary video camera so that you can have video telephony.

  • Anonymous

Gee, 17 Jun 2008Hi You mentioned you have managed to change the right soft ke... morehonestly bro i wouldnt believe his words, he also claims he has changed the speaker vol using the secret code but that doesnt work either unfortunately

  • Gee

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2008Hi, yes I have tried the code to change the volume and it works ... moreHi

You mentioned you have managed to change the right soft key with a different code.

May I know how to do that? I am currently stuck with the Gee shortcut and am trying to switch it to contacts. I have called Samsung service centre and was told there is no way to change it.

Please help.


  • Anonymous

this phone is perfect for people who mainly wanna use it for the audio player using their headphones & text messaging..

and to the other guy... yes there is a secondary cam on the face for video calls

  • nlc

does this phone have secondary camera for video call? please reply A.S.A.P., can't wait too long, i want to buy this phone...

  • ganley27

is this phone a good texting phone? are the buttons suited for someone who wants their phone mainly for music and texting?

  • Mobile Guru

Lapaye narm, 16 Jun 2008Are "call" & "End" & two softkeys in U900 sensitive?? We must p... moreNo the Call/End keys are normal Buttons....