Samsung unveils faux leather-backed Galaxy S4 LTE-A

05 February, 2014

Samsung is updating its 2013 flagship the Galaxy S4 in incremental steps and that has created a confusingly long list of versions. The latest is based on the Galaxy S4 LTE-A and feature faux leather on the back, similar to the Galaxy Note 3.

If you're thinking that's the Galaxy S4 Black Edition, you'd be wrong that one has the leather but uses the original Snapdragon 600 chipset. Plus, that one is just black.

The new variation has a Snapdragon 800 chipset and LTE-Advanced (150Mbps downlink). It also features three color versions.

The color versions in question are Rose Gold White, Rose Gold Black and Deep Black. The first feature rose gold accents while the third one is in standard black and silver.

Rose Gold White Rose Gold Black Deep Black

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A versions will launch in February in Korea on all three major carriers. This model has 16GB of expandable memory.

The press release makes no mention of a worldwide launch. The Galaxy S4 LTE-A did take its sweet time reaching Europe (where it's available as the S4 Advance), so we have doubts we'll see it outside of its home market before the MWC (which might bring the Galaxy S5).

Source (in Korean)