Samsung Watch Phone

Samsung Watch Phone

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  • paul zhuang

hope there is built in digital camera

  • kamer

ı want to know about samsung watch phone more information

  • kopito de nieve

Dear Samsung-managers, People ask for this item. Maybe itīs necessary hear the customerīs requests.

  • Anonymous

does it come in ladies style like a pick watch band for the business women like myself??? anyone know? or have a comment back?

  • bbe

i like it. how much it costs? where can i buy one? exactly what i need

  • Benson TS Seah

Nice phone, can't wait to have one right away.

  • Anonymous

cross this with a swatch watch and you no longer need bateries you have wank power

  • Anonymous

i think this phone(?) looks really cool very inspector gadget-esque! can't wait 'til it's released just hope it's not to pricey!!

  • adeleke babatunde

i just like the samsung watch phone so portable,i feel if u can sent one.i will be extremely happy to extend it in nigeria.

  • dos

hi, am shere these because i want to by GPRS wristwatch phone,but i dint finf yet , so if you can let me know please, thank

  • yassine

i want to buy the samsug watch phone,where i can???

  • Lobsang Choephel

I Like this watchphone verymuch. but im in usa if buy this phone is gonna work?

  • david yao

Pls let me know the price and where can buy it in US?

  • M Khamees

would you please send me some information regarding where and how to buy the " wristwatch phone, produced by Samsung company, announced 4Q, 2003" from Newcastle upon tyne,UK.

  • phat tones

the design is fine; not terribly exciting, but not unpleasant either. this is probably a fairly big step in the phone industry and samsung should be applauded for putting their balls on the line. looking at the stats on it the watch phone will probably not perform to the standards of regular phone, but this will improve in the future. As an industrial designer I will be interested to see how this product progresses both in performance and design.

  • marcelo

the phone is very good! garotas brasileiras me mandem e-mails com foto!

  • henry allen

i when to buy


I think it is wonderful cause u can were it on your hand!the design,everythink it is very nice!what is the price?i am really curious!

  • abiodun

Infact am not happy at all bcos am samsung user in nigeria i base on using samsung without any other phone u know i just love any or ur product but u are missing an advertisement bcos u dont no that all ur phones are of good backlight but the way nokia are advertising their were too good, make people to say is the best. i will still need to contact u and give u some info to support ur advertisement.

  • ade

chhrrrist i am tripppeddd...get me every data pleeaassseee!!!