Samsung to merge the J series into the A series, rename Galaxy On to Galaxy M

Ivan, 18 September 2018

Samsung is about to reorganize its entire lineup of entry level to upper-midrange smartphone lineup, according to a report citing industry sources.

The main change is going to be the discontinuation of the lower-midrange Galaxy J series, which will be merged into the more premium Galaxy A series.

The move to scrap the Galaxy J series and release future products under the Galaxy A line is reportedly Samsung's way to combat the emerging Chinese competition that eats into its bottom line, especially in the Chinese market.

Samsung will also change its online-only Galaxy On brand to a new Galaxy M line. Samsung's Galaxy On devices were just rebranded Galaxy J devices anyway, which begs the question what the Galaxy M series will be?

Perhaps Samsung will launch entry level to lower-midrangers under the Galaxy M brand and upper-midrangers under the Galaxy A line. We know that Samsung is working on a Galaxy J6 Prime so it will be interesting to see what brand it will be released under.

This would leave Samsung with a lineup of the Galaxy M, the Galaxy A and the premium Galaxy S and Note devices.

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  • AnonD-794217

Yeah the S plus variant should be Note variant. They will be hated more if they tried to separate it again

  • AnonD-794217

Maybe they afraid Nokia will take their throne again

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