Samsung to merge the J series into the A series, rename Galaxy On to Galaxy M

18 September 2018
Samsung will reorganize its midrange lineup to better position it against Chinese rivals.

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  • 17 Jan 2020

AnonD-794217, 27 Nov 2018Maybe they afraid Nokia will take their throne againI got Nokia 8.1 for my mother and trust me when I say this: Nokia are NOT taking any throne, the phone is baaaad.

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    • AnonD-794217
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    • 27 Nov 2018

    Vineet290, 18 Sep 2018Heard that, Note and S series will also merge next year.Yeah the S plus variant should be Note variant. They will be hated more if they tried to separate it again

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      • tDR
      • 27 Nov 2018

      Maybe they afraid Nokia will take their throne again

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        • 04 Oct 2018

        S6 User, 19 Sep 2018The C series may've discontinued, idk, but it is still bein... moreOreo is already out for C9 Pro in India. They would've done Pie as well, but there's an issue with Google and Qualcomm not really wishing to support 3.10 kernel for P and above, meaning Samsung will have to fix kernel bugs by itself. They may or may not take that risk.

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          • 23 Sep 2018

          mob name pls

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            • 19 Sep 2018

            XLR8R, 18 Sep 2018C series is dead. Samsung has removed all mention of it fro... moreThe C series may've discontinued, idk, but it is still being supported.

            I understood that it has Oreo in China & is still being rolled out (India will have it in January):

            December 2018 - Galaxy J7 NeoJanuary 2019 - Galaxy Tab A (2017), Galaxy A9 Pro (2016), Galaxy C7 Pro, Galaxy C9 Pro, Galaxy J2 (2018), Galaxy On5 (2016), Galaxy On7 (2016), Galaxy J7 (2018), Galaxy J7 (2017)Feburary 2019 - Galaxy J7 MaxMarch 2019 - Galaxy J7 (2016)

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              • 19 Sep 2018

              YoloBS, 18 Sep 2018Samsung can easily beat chinese companies if they can gets ... moreTizen OS? Lol who will buy that useless phone?

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                • kjm
                • 19 Sep 2018

                Why they are not releasing compact phones?. 5-5.2" phones are hard to see these days..

                  Just buy Xiaomi or any other cheap chinese brand instead. Samsung phones have never been good at any budget range. Their displays are also extremely overpriced. Even buying new phone will be cheaper than replacing display on Galaxy s6 / s6 edge.

                  You pay over 50% of phone's price for shiny Samsung logo.

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                    • AnonD-731363
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                    • 18 Sep 2018

                    Oh man really if we imagine A8 plus costed 550 and it was a midranger and A6 was 320 and was low to mid ranger phone and Xiaomi Poco F1 is a premium flagship for 300 Samsung just lost 30% of its customers .Some people wont spend 300+ bucks on a phone worth 150-200 euros no matter what kind of brand it will be. No samsung logo will save its sales from going straight down by at least 20-30%.

                      Samsung in 2019:
                      25% decreased sales. XD

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                        • rKp
                        • 18 Sep 2018

                        Whatever they are trying just unfruitful. Chinese company swallow them in future.

                          Heard that, Note and S series will also merge next year.

                            Till yesterday Samsung was seeing Apple as it's main rival, and Chinese companies did their job while they weren't prepared.
                            Apple has pretty much stable user base that's the same for years, with smal number of people switching to Android, and also a number of people switching to iOS from Android.
                            Samsung was ambitious to take on Apple, but their real problem were Chinese companies. Samsung should keep price consistent with specs, I understand they want to compete on premium market with their flagships, but their low end phones should not be that expensive just for name of their brand. Chinese companies did more damage to Samsung in less than 2 years than Apple ever did.

                              This can mean 2 things:
                              1. A series will go to crap
                              2. J series will actually get well
                              3. Both will drop it's prices

                              In my opinion, Samsung is doing this a bit late, Chinese companies already gained popularity, now it will be harder battle.

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                                • 18 Sep 2018

                                Samsung can easily beat chinese companies if they can gets their shit togather. They have big marketing budget, amoled display,their own processor and camera sensor ,they even have their own os tizen . They can make money via tizen os app store app purchase if they release tizen phone with very very comparative price with good camera,display and good processor..

                                  So now:
                                  * S -> flagship
                                  * A -> midrange
                                  * M -> entry level
                                  there are 4 letters left to make SAMSUNG, but can't be another S so 3 left.

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                                    • Adul Al Salami Kebab
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                                    • 18 Sep 2018

                                    Huawei is de wei, but J to the A and the On to the M? Wut?!!! O3O

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                                      • 18 Sep 2018

                                      So no more basic functions like adaptive brightness and hepatic feedback in A series?

                                        AnonD-632062, 18 Sep 2018What is "Gymatrics"??! Do you mean Gematria? If so, I... moreEheh~ SQC is indeed the correct sequence. And yeah, gematria (or however it's spelled x_X I am not english native ^////^;)