Samsung will offer FE versions of its flagships in the years to come

Michail, 23 September 2020

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition finally official in both 4G and 5G trims we can already begin to look forward to the next FE iterations. During the keynote, Samsung confirmed it’s planning to bring more Galaxy FE edition phones in its lineup in the future.

Samsung will offer FE versions of its flagships in the years to come

Samsung is branding the S20 FE as an affordable flagship device which renders the previously used Lite acronym pointless. It seems users are not settled on paying for a “Lite” and the wordplay switch to FE would allow Samsung to reach more potential users in the high midrange category.

Judging by the Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung will likely continue to offer flagship performance with the latest chipset paired with slightly downgraded cameras. Let’s see what the Note20 FE will bring.


Reader comments

If the Czech Republic where I live is getting the 5G model with 8 GB RAM, I bet it will be available in the UK, too.

  • pensioneer

I admit it, I'm a Samsung fanboy. But what I don't understand is their strategy in product release within different world markets. For instance the new fe models come in different specifications, but in the British market place we are only ...

  • Nahh

If phone don't have 1440p resolution of display or above, cannot be flagship! But note 4 from 2014 does!

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