Samsung X430

Samsung X430

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  • Shawnae

I've been comparing this phone with X100.

Come to think of it, this phone has less default ringtones, no share memory, no external display, wap 1.2 only, less phonebook & msgs memory, no voice memo, have to pay more RM200.

The few nice things with this phone are the UFB screen, light in weight, nice service light and it's a flip phone.

So.... I'll think i better buy X100

  • lynn

i am wondering how much it costs. hope it's affordable..

  • Anonymous

its US$205

  • hoho

how much does it cost?

  • wipeeze

heylooz, which one is the latest, the samsung X430 or da samsung T500 and which one is better and worth your money? plz reply! thanks! =]

  • T

Is this a good phone?

  • williams smith

i want you to tell you that i like this samsung,and i will like to purshase it .
i wat you to mail me back,and i want to tell you that can you shipp to my country lagos,nigeria.
am waiting for your reply.

  • x430

does anyone know the price?

  • Anissa

I have just purchased one of these phones - is there a data cable available? Is it a new phone on the market or a runout model?

  • Kun Joo

hehehe, change my mind to buy this phone, I think it's a new model. hope that it won't be too expensive.

  • Cobra

That`s my dream phone........

  • dee

whats wrong with you people???? thats the best phone ive ever seen! are you all on drugs or sumthing u fucked up sick people :O it beautiful and its so damn thin

  • me

i think i saw this mobile in newspaper australia

  • Anonymous

Why samsung always makes phones which are all the same ?
At least Nokia phones are all different...

  • hui

without a display screen in front but a service x430 will be available in m'sia in 2004? it's a cool design!!

  • Anonymous

i only use 1 hand to open the phone and use... so thats not a big problem with professionals like me to use it for calls. but i must say this design sucks to the core of the extreme of the extremes. LG g8000 is a better choice.

  • Anonymous

very ugly
damn phone

  • clive

ok its small ..... but you must open it to call...

SAMSUNG (blaaah)

  • Corey

first to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!