Samsung X450

Samsung X450

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  • angel's heart

This was my first cellphone.
And I totally loved how the battery lasted for so long time!
now my mom uses it, it has been already 5yrs, but it's still working fine :]

  • Tinsae dubale

i lost my sofatware and it was thrown. it does not accept the software. just iput it in my case
tinsae dubale
p o box 124 wolaita soddo ethiopia

  • FreakWizard

I've been using it for like 2 years now. Got it from my uncle. And its awesome! It's everything a normal non-camera phone should be. Its very clear display is honey for the eyes and its awesome keypad is sugar for the fingers. :) Brilliant phone!

  • Twid

I've had this phone for 5 years, and love it! it's a trusty piece of work! The sound quality is great, even now. It's easy to use, lightweight, and fits well in your pocket.

  • Faheem

This is not a cool phone. weak network. but design is cool. i have been using it since early of 2007. performs good.

  • Anonymous

mine was absolute garbage - after 6 months the plastic began to disintegrate and turned to dust - maybe I should have washed it a few times to keep it moist!

  • -IVC-

Great phone for that money!

  • Anonymous

what is the java settings for this phone?

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone just over 2 years ago. The "honeymoon" was ok! But then it started hanging, freezing, and the outer case looks like ancient. To its credit I droppped it in water and manage to revive it after drying it out.

  • Nasier

I hate of samsung its very bad phone i buaght one of this but not work propertly

  • ope

pls how do i browse on my x450

  • Anonymous

How do I get rid of the T9 feature? I just find it annoying!

  • Ali Isa

i got it from my mum and i found it cool and nice. its simple to use and handle.

  • Bangy

It is a great phone.

But after two years of using it look very old and i have to get new one soon. I don't wont to but I must.

  • Ana

I had this mobile phone like two years ago..however after a year i had to switched it with e720.
The phone is very good,so classy,small and it was love at first sight with it :))
It's an easy phone to use and i recommend it to everyone...however i got so tired after just one year because it doesn't have many utilities.It was very good while it lasted.. after a year of not using it at all it got broken,i hope i could fix it someway although i won't hold my breathe on it..

  • halie

i got this phone last year, and was really excited, but it doesn't have many cool features. plus all my friends have waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy cooler phones than this

  • sanzy

this fone is absolutly great!!!!i love it!!!

  • ali

ı took new but ı dont know how ı can do gprs or wap
and ı want to take game

  • rachel

this phone is great. i have dropped it into my pool, wqashed it through a full cycle of laundry twice, i dropped it in my pond, and i dropped it out in the snow a couple of times, and nothing is wrong with it, the only thing i dont like about this fone is that there r not very many backgrounds to choose from. but other than that it is a very reliable fone.

  • rachel

this phone is the best. i have put it through the wash, a full cycle, dryed it, i dropped it in my pond and it worked after that , i dropped it in the pool, and in the snow for an hour, and nothing has happened to it. It also has great reseption everywhere.