Samsung X480

Samsung X480

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  • TST
  • 02 May 2005

me too.this is oso my first samsung phone(been using nokia for dunno how long...).i didnt explore it much ever since i bought sorry,cant help ya much.lack of external screen is the main prob(who cares if it doesnt have a camera).but nvm.budget wise this phone is considered good enough.

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    • acesgoplaces
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    • 01 May 2005

    I got mine with FMG 18mths warranty only RM540. I'm not sure if it covers accidents because I only saw the ad for the x460. The lack of an external screen kinda puts the active folder function useless unless you fancy answering the phone first then discover who is calling! Otherwise, turn the active folder off.
    How do you do mass copying (contacts & sms) on this phone? Doesn't look like there is an option. Also how do you set default for contacts & sms to be on the sim card & phone? What happens when my sms is maxed out on the sim? Does it go to the phone automatically? Sorry this is my first samsung phone & have only used nokia/sony before.

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      • 30 Apr 2005

      i've bought this phone for Rm560 with the FMB waranty(1 year) in malaysia.a phone with basic features i might say,but the design is nice and its quite small.suits design lovers who don't care much bout specs(me).although as i look at it longer i feel like it suits girls more.the colour screen is not bad for 128x160 65k UFB if compared to other phones of similar price such as the nokia 6100 or the panasonic x200.the only drawback is the loss of external display which might be a bit inconvenient for those who don't wear a watch n if there r any miss calls or messages that is received and the loss of camera.although for me i don't need a camera if the resolution sucks.might as well get a basically,its a good phone with nice design and selling at a cheap price which meant for economy.

      and...this phone doesn't have a USB.that thing at the bottom of the phone is the socket for the charger.

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        • edwmy
        • TST
        • 28 Apr 2005

        hmmm got usb port? as i know it doesnt have that

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          • margareth
          • PFn
          • 21 Apr 2005

          great !!!

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            • joana
            • PIx
            • 18 Apr 2005

            to Lan: u can download the stuffs by using GPRS =)

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              • joana
              • PIx
              • 18 Apr 2005

              RM580 for FMG warranty. yeap, it got chinese support =)

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                • saniee
                • RII
                • 17 Apr 2005

                wat's the price n got chinese word to support??

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                  • Lan
                  • EY9
                  • 02 Apr 2005

                  Looks cool how is the tone like? Since there is no infra red port how does it download stuff

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                    • bosnia
                    • m1c
                    • 01 Mar 2005

                    this is good and nice mobile phone, i have samsung x450 and it is very good phone...
                    can any one write prices of this phone samsung x480???

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                      • Samsungeer
                      • Sd8
                      • 24 Feb 2005

                      ANOTHER budget phone... but why oval?

                      Because a triangle would hurt you when you have it in your pocket???

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                        • GERALD
                        • T2Q
                        • 22 Feb 2005

                        The phone is so nice. I require it for my wife and myself.We have a samsung distributor centre in our country(KENYA) What would be the cost please? Might be better than my e700 phone.Keep up samsung.

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                          • courtney
                          • kHd
                          • 17 Feb 2005

                          How much is this phone?? You need to post the prices for the phone!! thnx!!

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                            • MFH
                            • TST
                            • 13 Feb 2005

                            ANOTHER budget phone... but why oval?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • P}v
                              • 02 Feb 2005

                              Look like traditional japaness shoes. No interest.

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                                • Usman sarwar
                                • jJq
                                • 01 Feb 2005

                                This ha no infrared port but it is gooood goood