Samsung X480

Samsung X480

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  • Anonymous
  • YQL
  • 06 Aug 2021

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    Samsung and LG phones were very similar at the time

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      • goku
      • 7j$
      • 26 Nov 2014

      Kamal alom , 02 Nov 2013Now I want to buy this phone, where it is available , could... moreChek this out, you'll find this phone at this site

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        • Kamal alom
        • 2CY
        • 02 Nov 2013

        Now I want to buy this phone, where it is available , could u please tell me.I am from Bangladesh , how i will get it ok

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          • Anonymous
          • Pvw
          • 04 Apr 2013

          AnonD-115416, 20 Feb 2013my first mobile...bought this little wonder on 21 july 2005... moreI bought it on 20 July 2005!!! Great phone!

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            • AnonD-115416
            • uva
            • 20 Feb 2013

            my first mobile...bought this little wonder on 21 july 2005. dad gifted me this phone...almost 8 years passed and this phone is still working battery replacement , no servicing ..

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              • dbb
              • fqL
              • 25 Aug 2011

              where can this phone be taken for service here in kenya(africa)

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                • mitsui
                • wHr
                • 09 Aug 2011

                i have this phone for almost 6 years now... it functions well and its small yet so convenient to use and have...

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                  • JONI
                  • 3JL
                  • 10 Apr 2011

                  i love it too coz i used to bollow one from my brother.i'd wish to buy one in the uae

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                    • ann
                    • IVI
                    • 14 Jan 2011

                    I use to have this kind cellphone. its very easy & fun to handle it. but i lost it. if i want to buy this cellphone where do think i could got in area Sabah Malaysia. TQ

                      • J
                      • Jackson
                      • kUW
                      • 11 Jan 2011

                      Hi pals?am Jack from Kenya.I seriously respect this phone since it was my first internet enabled phone which i bought as a second hand phone back in is through dis phone dat i learnt how to access the internet,use google, got lost n i tried to look for the phone but i was told dat it is out of the market.kudos samsung for such a nyc phone

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                        • osos
                        • Naj
                        • 01 Apr 2010

                        Mariana, 24 Jan 2010I love it!!!me too
                        i have 1 and its very good

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                          • Mariana
                          • 3d7
                          • 24 Jan 2010

                          I love it!!!

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                            • tooth_fairy
                            • p3K
                            • 27 Dec 2009

                            this is my favourite one!`s easy to use, very organized, it has a unique "look"...what more could you need. oh and it can get through a lot of dropping without deteriorating a bit! it`s great. I have it for 5 years`s a pity a have to change it because of the battery.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • uWA
                              • 25 Dec 2009

                              my sister has this phone
                              and it can survive through anything
                              she once accidently put into a dryer
                              and after that she tried to use it,
                              and it was still working perfectly

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                                • carlos
                                • 0pV
                                • 05 Dec 2009

                                i concur with the commenter w/ "superb" feedback. i bought this piece of cellphone back in y2k5, and its sticking like glue. it's awsome. i dislike mobile cameras cuz even tho mpixels r rising the qval is far from regular (even compact-alike) cameras. the phonebook is good for 2000 posts, superb phone! too bad they discontinued it.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • u1t
                                  • 04 Dec 2009

                                  this phone is freaking aweome

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                                    • rahul
                                    • vGq
                                    • 28 Oct 2009

                                    this phone is really superb. I used it for 3 years and didnt face any problem.

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                                      • RyllE T
                                      • w9K
                                      • 10 Sep 2009

                                      This phone realy realy super. I got this phone in 2006 and still running strong & smoothly. i only replaced it battery once and that was the only replacement i've done up to now. It have less features but a perfect phone for normal use. I love it.

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                                        • Bajan246
                                        • Qus
                                        • 11 Aug 2009

                                        This is really a great phone I had this phone December 2005- 2008. the longest phone I have ever had. Kudos to Samsung for a making suck a great long lasting phone.