Samsung X480

Samsung X480

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  • sathya
  • vGk
  • 03 Aug 2009

actually i was using samsung x480,it was pretty good and slim , very compact to use,,,,,,,,and wat i need is can i get this model mobileby post... pls do the need full.....

    • l
    • l-boogy
    • PvW
    • 09 May 2009

    i got dis fone as a bday present 3 years ago and i thought we'll never was stolen and i never got it back..i guess every1 wants a fone lke dis...2 bad they took mine...i mis u X480 :(

      • L
      • Laurentiu
      • 33c
      • 21 Feb 2009

      My best phone to date...
      This is a short history of the phones I used since 1999:

      1999-2001 Sagem MC912....pretty sturdy phone, battery died quickly though and some problems w/software

      2001-2002 Nokia 3310....reliable but battery life was quite short, also it was way too heavy

      2002-2003 Alcatel 512 Pretty nifty little bugger, but quite fragile, had to take it in for repairs twice before I gave up on it

      2003-2004 Sagem My X-5, my 2nd BEST, very good, reliable, very good battery life

      2004-2005 Motorola C385 pretty straight forward, good battery life

      2005-..... This Samsung, the X480...I can't even remember how many times I dropped this phone, I even dropped it in water without realizing, picked it up minutes later, let it dry for a couple of days, worker without flaw. It's shell is pretty beat-up but no cracks...very good material/workmanship.

      Battery life is not outstanding, but it still gives me 3-4 days, even after 4 years, despite some saying batteries (Li-ion) have about 3 yrs working life.

      I love the shape, size of it, I wouldn't change this phone unless somehow it stops working.

        • M
        • Mark
        • wgA
        • 01 Feb 2009

        this is still my favourite phone of all time, I have now had 22 phones, Blackberries, iPhones. But this cute little bundle of joy is by far the best.

          • s
          • sara
          • N7T
          • 26 Oct 2008

          had it for over three years and never had to change battary nor send it to repair. Good job Samsung :)

            • S
            • Steven
            • PnH
            • 06 Oct 2008

            No good tecnology but i need to confess: I really LOVE this phone: small, pretty and resistante, i never had problems with it during three years of use. Congratulations, Samsung!!!!

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              • sid
              • vGx
              • 21 Sep 2008

              this is the world best phone i'v ever had till date...the best feature about this phone is its phone buk enteries..where do u get such an amazing feature of 2000 phnbuk enteries.....its jus an awsum phone...hatsoff to samsung for such a amazing discovery..

                • b
                • brian
                • NHH
                • 10 Sep 2008

                sicooo, 07 Sep 2008this is the best ever mobile in the world,and the most cute... moreyou are so right it is great

                  • s
                  • sicooo
                  • n9j
                  • 07 Sep 2008

                  Victor, 06 Apr 2007I'm from Brazil, and I've had this phone for more than a ye... morethis is the best ever mobile in the world,and the most cute design.

                    • g
                    • gogooo
                    • n9j
                    • 07 Sep 2008

                    Mr X, 17 Apr 2008I have had one of these for 3 years now and the problem lis... moreyou are extemely wrong

                      • d
                      • darsh
                      • n9j
                      • 07 Sep 2008

                      MarkRayC, 01 Aug 2008Does anyone know how to get the Service Light working? boug... morephone settings then display settingsand then service light.

                        • b
                        • brian
                        • NHH
                        • 03 Sep 2008

                        this phone is just nice very strong i have had it for mor than 3 years have no problem with it except that battrey is getting old

                          • M
                          • MarkRayC
                          • mye
                          • 01 Aug 2008

                          Does anyone know how to get the Service Light working? bought the phone from Hong Kong but dont have a clue if it works or not? flashes every 3 seconds if a Brazilian phone. Would Appreciate Anyones Help, Mark in England. Thank You.

                            • K
                            • KL12345
                            • TSW
                            • 03 Jul 2008

                            Can someone help me how to download pics and ringtone from computer ??? Does it need to buy seperate USB ??? Using the same charger socket for USB ???

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • LxI
                              • 31 May 2008

                              ok i have dis fone for a year or sumtin its ok it sticks for a fone dat cant hold much data but it has all da basics. its durable cuz mines has fallen so many times it a bit banged up buh still works like a charm unlike my frend iphone dat fell once an da screen cracked wich is quite unfortunate

                                • M
                                • Mr X
                                • xEe
                                • 17 Apr 2008

                                I have had one of these for 3 years now and the problem list is endless. i have heard of people having them and having no trouble at all. mine on the other hand turns off when people try to call u. sometimes it just turns off for the sake of it. messages dont come through properly. everything works extremely slow. Even though i have deleted almost everything. The Keys are extremely sticky ans stop working from time to time. expecially #,0,* definately not worth the price

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • uEx
                                  • 05 Apr 2008

                                  this phone is best i ever had. i bought it 3 years ago. the design's nice and it's very durable. i never have problem with this phone.

                                    • S
                                    • Sarmen
                                    • nTJ
                                    • 19 Mar 2008

                                    hi,I have x 480 and want to dawnload files(image,sound,...)for it .
                                    please guide me about file format and sourses for dawnload .

                                      • F
                                      • Federico
                                      • PdG
                                      • 04 Jan 2008

                                      My X480 broke a couple of days ago. I bought it two and a half years ago. I was great. Suddenly starts to reset and I couldnt listen to any call, people could listen to me but I couldnt them so I had to close it and open it multiple times until it goes back in action. Battery was lasting around 8 now... Too bad this things happend, cause the size and features of the phone where perfect!

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • RDX
                                        • 27 Oct 2007

                                        hi,x480 is realy great,this phone is very durable even so many time i've been drop in the floor,if x480 has more stock i probably buy more for my nephew,