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Samsung X620

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  • chanchal

hi i have this cell. but i m not able to work with its InfraRed facility. plz do let me know how to use.

  • Tanvir Hasan

In a word..its superb! But its IRDA doesnt function properly. With data cable i can send/receive photos,ringtones. But with Irda, i couldnt do that in my pc. i installed PIMS ver 1.0, it didnt help either. Can anyone help me plz?

  • Javier@

hi... I have program for Samsung sgh-X620 (photo editor) and is genial, but i have not data cable (usb), be couse they said to me that can not to penetrate things from the cellular one to the computer... is this true???
thanks !!!

  • Asanka Pradeepitha

i bought it few weeks is really good but problem is irda i can't transfer photoes and others to my PC or other phone
the other thing is small memorry it's not enaugh for my works

  • ...

I have a question..I want to buy the samsung x620, but I saw it has a 0.3 megapixel camera, so I don't know if I want that because it sounds very low. Can somebody tell me of it's a good camera and also is it a good phone at all?
Thank you.

  • Kennedy Ndege

i bought it a week ago. it has gud features a.k.a. sound, voice cclarity, camera.
The only pitfall lies in the batter-3 days and its down, even without listening to FM

  • M. Usman Afzal

I have purchased samsung X620. The problem is that i can transfer only phone book to any other mobile through infrared. I have successfully transferred photos and audio/3GP files from sony ericsson K700i to my PC through irDA. But not be able to send pics from X620 to PC using irDA. I have installed samsung pc studio pims file manager 1.0 software on windows ME but it cannot detect X620 phone and shows as "offline". While infrared adapter software can detect X620 and when i activate the irDA port of X620, it immediately shows an icon on PC screen and shows mobile model. But when i am sending photo(jpg)to X620, after 90 or 95% completion, it stopped and shows a message that data is invalid. Please tell me how can i solve this problem? This question is for all of you who said that they have successfully transferred photos from X620 to PC.

  • saad hamid

this set is very good i use this set and its camera is best

  • juas

thanks TONE,you realy help me.i think that this phone would be the best choice for me,but about battery-approximately how long it 'keep' for you??
its important for me because,that i like listen FM sometimes,and also i wrote lots of sms,ussualy 100-150 per day.

  • tone

Re : Juas
Hello Juas,
I'm x620 owner, i just give you a consideration . .
I've compare the pictures of my x620 with my collegues phone ther are SE K700, Siemens S65, nokia 6210 and Samsung x640, my x620 is the best quality camera (clearest pictures), even with S65 (1,3 Mb camera) and x640 (more expensive price). and the sound is more clearly than the others (same as x640), and the more advantage x620 is the FM radio.
but the problem of x620 are : small memory, lack of battery, and the Irda just function on Phonebook. . no body need to transfer phonebook, everybody need Irda to transfer Pictures and sound. and . . . my data cable not applycable with my PC .
thats my opinion, hope u can decide the best.

  • Tarun Mahajan

You can record various voice clippings.

But Battery is very disappointing.

  • Traun Mahajan


I've bought X-620 three days back & I'm quite satisfied with its performance. Camera is no dought good. Takes good quality pictures. Functions are also good. FM Sound is very clear.

But there are some bad features also.
1) FM is not clear while moving
2) Voice recording is for one time only. you can not have different clips.
3)Games: Quite boaring.
4) Message sounds are not louder
5) Vibrator should work with the tone. here it vibrates first & then tone rings.
6) Battery back is not upto the standards. You can not listen FM while travelling with relaxation, coz you always fear of battery going down.

SAMSUNG must improve over these features.

  • tone

I bought this mobile last week, I like this mobile cozd ;
lightweight, smooth desaign, clear pictures and sound, and the voice clarity.
but i was disappointed with the menus inside, its not helpfull ( when u explore to the deeper menu, u cant going out with the same way as u come in, so u must jump out to the main display to out). and the Irda not working properl!

  • Jimmy

hi..i bought x620 last day..the tft diplay is owasm..and picture quality is excellent...but i am having settingup irda..can somebody tell how can i setup irda connection

  • usama mohamed afr

I bought this very beautiful looking phone and best camera i have ever seen.The infrared is good i use it to send pics , tones and voices tones from pc to phone and from phone to pc .U must have programm by which u can make that.(samsung pc studio PIM & file manager version 1.0).if u want to ask any thing or want links to download just my email here(

  • Shafi

I am using this phone for last one week, there are so many advantages i found, but there is some exceptions from them.

Advantages :
1. Excellent TFT Display which can be never compared by other phones in this world!!!
2. Excellent VGA camera.
3. Light weight.
4. Excellent audio output.
5. sleek and stylish desingh.

1. IRDA is not working properly.
2. Battery backup is not at all good.
3. Internal memmory is too low (3MB).
4. Bluetooth may be added advantage atleast.
5. Softwares has to be improved.

Bye from

  • Mostafa

Infra is working well but not in Windows XP(sometimes it works),I HAVE WINDOWS 2000 , and i downloaded X620 program from samsung official site and it works !!
I can transfere photos and melodies to or from the mobile

On the other hand i connect my X620 to another program called Handset Manager, it comes with the cd of infra

  • prasanta

Recently i bought new mobile samsung x620 and irda adpapter with software , i have diffculty transfer sound file either pc to mobile and mobile to pc , and also i tried with samsung studio pims manger, the problem has when the software sychronise my mobile the sound icon and image icon non-hightled kindly give you best suggestion
Thanks in Advance

  • pramod

i recently purchased this set. It has a very sexy look. The only difficulty i m having with this phone is that i m not able to download ringtone from other cellphones. If anybody knows pls let me know. I would also request to samsung authorities to help me out. thnx...

  • narayanan

i purchased the samsung x620 a week ago.
i am very happy with the camera. but one thing i noticed is that after i zoom on any object it look very big on the screen but the actual picture taken is very small...
Also the irda port only sends the phonebook and i am not able to recieve or send anything else through it.. the irda port is of no use then for me..