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Samsung X620

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  • prashant

I recentely purchased this set and dont know how to download the pictures to laptop/pc.
if any body knows please let me know

  • robin

i bought the x620 3 weeks ago, i am really happy with this phone...

1. the picture is smooth, very bright LCD.
2. the FM radio quality is good.
3. irda is fully function. i connect it with my laptop. you just have to download the PIMS File Manager ver 1.0, install on your laptop/PC, and setting the connection between your laptop/PC with your handset from the software. it's not a problem whether you use irda or datacable. that's it... =) you can transfer phonebook, image, ringtone from PC to phone or from phone to PC.
4. the bad thing is the internal memory, so little... but it's not a problem since you can transfer the picture/the photos to your laptop/PC's.

  • Funny

Zakkasssssssss! supap cel in the world in samsung x620. a very very good picture quality in this phone. but this phone is not good selling in market.sorry samsung. becoze a nokia n siriz coming in market & this phone is better then samsung all phones.

samsung is very lower buisness compare to thi nokia. Nokia all phones r very good & we advancetage r nokia very places r to create nokia care center & compare to samsung nokia is re selling valu is very good. and samsung is very low cost of reselling.

  • Shakeel Baig

I purchased a Samsung X 620 mobile but the infra is not working when I try with other mobiles I asked the dealer about this & he said it is going to work with samsung phones only or USB cord Ifeel I am CHEATED as I would have purchased a Nokia 6030 with lesser cost. I purchased a samsung X 620 Becose of infra so I do not have to pay for ringtones & images which is free with infra please response & give feedback of my E- Mail.

  • atreyee das

got a x620 2 wks back .the ph is unable to receive pic msg,ring tones pl give a suggestion

  • boyswan07

Lot of guys are concerned ovr Radio and Cam,

But, Tanvir for your questions..
1.Go to "New Message" and SMS screen will appear,
then push and hold the "*" button,
there you will find lot of signs including the the "ENTER" Option to go to the next line.
2.You can see the sent SMS in the Outbox,
and not like Nokia and SE phones of the same price range,
the X620 and even the old X100 can store up to 200 SMS.

venkatesen, I agree with you,
MP3, more memory and Bluetooth would have placed this top of
K700i and Motorola E398.
But you cannot find any Nokia phone like X620 at this low price (US $ 140)

Samsung you have invented great phones like D500, E700 and P860,
but lately you have been releasing
lot of phone types with the same options quickly.
Why dont you take a while and release a phone with all the current options?
Like you did with D500 an year ago?

  • nanu

fm and camera ok but it cannot receive any any picture sms from any samsung or nokia phones is every body having the same problem

  • Tanvir Akhtar

so u r using x620 and u say its too good then tell me:
1. How can we start a new line/paragraph while typing a sms in nokia and sony-ericsson we have the options like "Enter sign" and start New Paragrph.
u can type in Nokia and sony-ericsson"I love Pakistan" like below
but not in samsung.

2. Where i can see my sent SMSs.

  • S.Venkatesan

I heard about this model last week and purchased 2 days back. This camera & Radio are great. If videorecording & MP3 were added to this model, there won't be any competetive model.



  • ahmed

i am planning to buy this model but i want to know dose it play mp3 or it supports only polyphonic ringtones?

  • Kuppa

The X-620 is an excellent phone with a very good value for money features.

1.Excellent colour display
2.Good VGA camera (this camera gives around 65-70kb photos compared to nokia 6610i which gives just 20kb in the best mode!)
3.Ease-of use: the front jog dial with quick links is a breeze!.
4.Good stereo FM - when not moving, the quality of stereo FM is superb.
5.Morning Alarm: You can even set the alarm, switch off the phone and the alarm rings at the precise time (even when the phone is switched off)!!! -an excellent feature for people who travel a lot
6.Record conversations: you can record 33 minutes of talk!!!
7.Very light weight

1.Poor battery backup -with around 1.5 hours of FM use, the battery charge drops to a level of single line in the indicator.
2.FM quality is poor when in a moving vehicle (lot of hiss heard even when just next to the FM station)
3. Bothersome auto-lock feature: activated in just 5 seconds.
4. The manual does not mention about many fine features

What feature could be added to this phone:
1. A moonphase indicator on the calendar display screen on the top left corner . (it is not a complicated feature, just a software tweak required)
2. Improve the FM radio especially when moving

An excellent phone for all Nokia users. I bought this phone after using Nokia phones for more than 5 years. I did not feel any difficulty in operation. Bought this phone when an Nokia dealer (yes, a Nokia dealer!) compared N6610i (which I would have almost bought!) with the X-620!!!. Was immediately sold on the features. Nokia compares poorly especially in the colour display & camera features.

  • Ba7ebahaaa

well, i've samsung C200 now & i like it so much but i'm planing to buy the X620 for the reason that i've probs in PC connectivity

hope the IR will do it

my questions are,
1- can the software transfer Games ?

2- does it has loud ringing volume ? ive probs with the C200 cuz it's not loud & i barely hear it in the crowd

3- is the screen clear in the sun light ?
i've probs in seeing the screen details in the sun light with the C200

  • qq

use tool-file manager in samsung easystudio pims to transfer data from/to x620. no need to use melody/image to phone. before this, use must active the irda connection in your phone, and setup connection in easystudio port.

  • usman siddiqui

I bought this model on 3/11/2005.It is an economical product from samsung.Although its camera & FM radio are not so good but its ringtones & colours are very attractive as in all samsung sets.

  • marimuthu

Recently i bought new mobile samsung x620 and irda adpapter with software , i have diffculty transfer sound file either pc to mobile and mobile to pc , and also i tried with samsung studio pims manger, the problem has when the software sychronise my mobile the sound icon and image icon non-hightled kindly give you best suggestion

  • Sami-ur-Rahman

This model Samsung X-620 is Superb. Black Stylish design attracts every one from any age group, large Clear Samsung well knowned TFT LCD, Samsung is a key to sound any kind of ringtones u r listening every instrument is clear is this set the previous X-600 flaw of low size of ringtones in mmf format is removed now u can use any size of tones, battery time is about 3 days with 30 mins of call and same time of using funtions(which is not bad with a mobile phone having quality camera and radio), radio is excellent sounding with upto 30 channels catchable, peoples saying about the PC connectivity issue this is not an issue i am now using my old X-600 cable on it and every thing is perfectly ok either u send or recieve Media files. yes memory is quite less for this kind of fone just 3MB but you can use-to with it, camera is of VGA type means goods quility snaps in most kind of pics if u consider about some light, shades u will make make titanic shot from this VGA Camera in resolution of 640*480.u can set ur ringtone on a desired persons whether now u can set his/her photo to see who is calling.
i personally tell u something about "voice clarity" option if this is on either u whispering the person chatting with u can easily understand. and last weight is just 81gms what more haan!

  • udairaj

I bought this phone yesterday, phone is excellent except one thing that how to use IRDA port, because i want to sent picture from x620 to nokia 6610 how it can be sent please explain

  • Sadique Shaikh

The phone is best model and is really price for money. can anyone let me know how to download or upload images & ringtones in phone from my pc.

  • Gayan Karunaratne

You can transferr photos taken by this phone to PC using USB data cable. It is available in the market. Comes with a CD that has the USB driver and other complete bundle of software that Samsung provides.
Other than tranfering phots you can edit phone book, SMS, Orgnaizer, Upload/ Download tones. It's good phone. Value for money. (USD160 in Sri Lanka)Good quality features. Don't have any thing bad to say about it.

  • aShEr

I have planned to buy this phone. It has all i need. But I want bluetooth but it is not offering that so i have some negative points about it.