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Samsung X620

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  • qq

i bought this phone yesterday, so far so good. this phone have everything i want, so far. it have camera, speaker phone, voice recorder, loud and clear ringtone, fm radio, so what??
about irda, just like many other samsung phone, it needs easy studio software, find it in the net, this software allowed u to transfer sound, photo and image from and to the phone, hope it helps.

  • robin

i have plan to buy this phone, good looking, small, and light weight. but since i read the opinions, i become not sure. especially in IR device that can't transfer photos to notebook/PC's. so the IR can't transfer data to PC's, but can it receive data from PC's? as example, can i transfer wallpaper from PC's to the handset via IR? anybody know?

  • Shawnae

I also bought this phone. Almost everything is almost perfect except the PC to Phone Connection portion.

Now I totally agree with the saying of "what is the InfraRed for if I cant transfer my photo out since the memory is too small to store all in it"

Funny thing is when I check Samsung Fun Club website .. the PC Connection Version is "N/A"

so wat does this means? InfraRed is useless??? and cable does nothing good too???

  • avon

i need to know if this phone is value for money

  • Raja

Who wants data cable and software of X 620 and tell that how can I transfer VOICES from X 620 to my Pc

  • pubudu

HI. I bought samsung x620 yesterday.but i dont know how to transfer photoes to my laptop.
Can anybody tell me the steps to do it?

  • gaurav

i had also recentely purchased X620, i also died on its look and FM spekear phone capabilities, its a good phone, camera and screen is also good, but one thing pinch me that i want to ask the designer why the hell you have given a camera & sound file option in the phone when you cannot even transfer your data without GPRS, why the hell i should get a GPRS connection and then download premium tones/images/sounds, what is the use of giving a Ir port when it can only be used to transfer phone handbook, i dont know what kind of useless phone is this? what is the use of the camera if i cannot transfer atleast my cliked images to PC. i dont know why samsung is doing this to its consumer.

plz do something about these problems otherwise your mobile is a dud.

  • Sirish

Can anybody tell me about the battery performance of Samsung x620 mobile?

  • Rez1

Koolll Settt but one prob. is why the feature of mp3 ringtone is not included?????????? and it's data cable is not available in the market............

  • Kirst

Does this phone come in differnt colours or just black??

  • Rafic

Please some body tell how to transfer photos to my pc.....

  • Pal

bought it a day back.. and what say me.. I'm impressed :) It was like love @ first sight.. Was lookin through a few phones in the showroom and once I saw this, I just fell for it ;) It's really cute and has pretty much all the functionality I need. Only thing I can crib about is that it doesn't have Bluetooth/USB to speak with my PC. And the IrDA doesn't seem to be working as expected :( But the camera is really good :) The TFT screen is nice.. beaming with colours :)
A major miss out is the ability to extend the memory externally.. I cant inrease the damned memory :( But guess thats okay.. I've to press the keys a lil harder (compared to my old Nokia 1100 that is).. That makes it a lil bad fr SMSing..
But a real nice feature is the keypad shortcuts.. I just have to and a few keys to reach whereever I want, without using the usual navigation keys.. And there are straight shortcuts to access most used functionalities.. It's as easy as hit a (single) key (one of the navigation keys) and reach wherever you want :)
I'd say it's worth every penny you spend on it :)

  • suraj

I bought this phone last week. All is good, but have not been able to transfer pics to my laptop. Can someone write in steps the steps for using IR feature. Do we need to use some software on the computer ? TIA.

  • ushi

hey it's a nice phone..but can anyone tell me how to send the photo to another device without mms? i cant send it via infrared.

  • duong

Wow. It's an excellent phone in term of design, fucntion and money.

I agree this mobile has some elements that we may find similar with others' but the point here is that it is really worthy to buy.


  • Ed

This is one of a basic cool phone that ever introduce by Samsung. It have all the same fuction like Nokia 7250i except it is better. This phone have FM Radio, able to MMS & GPRS, the best part is there is Loud Speaker and it is very clear. The camera is just as good as Samsung D500. It can Zoom too.

If this where to lunch together with 7250i, Guess this will be a big hit at that time. Now, is turn out to be a midle class phone.

So, if your Budget is around RM600 (Malaysia Ringgit), Then this is a good phone to consider. It comes with Phone, 1 battery, 1 handfree and a chager.

  • akki

Well don't blame the samsung about the just compition between NOKIA 6610i and this Samsung phone..lets people decide who will be the best among equales!!

  • pelé

The images on GSMARENA and are totally different than the product that is selling in the stores. The preview model looks much better! Why samsung...? why!?

  • Mac

So few MB of memory, and no card slot? major drawback, nice design, I don't doubt this is a good phone, but with the camera...if not a card slot, then some more memory would have been nice, it has less than the X100, and that one's old...


it is good set give ofwhite color in this set