Samsung X700 review: Rich features

Jan Horalík, 04 May 2006.

Here is the remarkable Samsung phone with classic shape, X700. Its features are so rich that it can face up the best models of the competition. Among others, it features a 1.3 megapixel camera, EDGE Class 10, a microSD memory card slot, and stereo speakers.

Key features

  • Attractive conservative design
  • Large, top-class display
  • microSD memory card slot
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Stereo FM radio
  • EDGE Class 10
  • Loud stereo acoustic performance
  • Stereo Bluetooth earphones
  • Memory card access through USB Mass Storage

Main disadvantages

  • Somewhat unhandy keypad
  • MP3 player does not get minimized
  • No ringing profiles
  • Pictures cannot be viewed in fullscreen mode
  • Camera lacks flash
  • Melodies stored on memory card not possible to set as ringing melodies
  • 200 KB size limit for attachments sent via email

Samsung has always been known for its clamshell mobiles, which dominate its portfolio even nowadays. The last Samsung model with classic shape was Samsung C200, almost impossible to find on store shelves anymore. The new X700 model, however, comes to certify that the South-Korean manufacturer "has not lost all love" for this type of mobile phones and that it is not only clamshells it is good at.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
Samsung X700

Class is all

Samsung X700's dimensions of 108 x 44 x 19 mm and weight of 95 g file it into the category of medium-big and medium-heavy phones. It fits in one's hand pretty comfortably. I appreciate a lot the fact that designers have abandoned unnecessary fashionable whims and have kept to conservative, but still quite attractive looks. Black color together with silver rims conforms perfectly to this decision.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
It fits in well • comparison to a key and other phones

All black parts of the phone, except for the keypad, are made of plastic material similar to rubber. In result, the covers are not slippery and there are no fingerprints left on the surface. Construction is solid. It does not creak even if grasped strongly.

From all around

Front cover is divided into two more or less equal parts - one for the display, and one for the keypad. Above the display you will find the manufacturer's logo, as well as a silver band covering the speaker grill. The system connector is situated below the keypad. It is protected by a cap and is of the typical Samsung type. The cap itself is hooked to the phone body and is impossible to lose.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
All-side view

On the left side of the device is the swing volume control button and one of the two stereo speakers available in the phone. The right side is much more interesting. Here you will find the microSD (TransFlash) memory card slot, the camera release button, and the earphones connector covered by a practical folding capping strip. In the very top part of the right side is located the second stereo speaker.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
Lateral sides • memory card slot • earphones connector

A major part of the rear side of the phone is occupied by the battery, which has no cover protection. Above the battery lies a silver ring with the megapixel camera lens, accompanied by a mirror for self-portraits. If you prefer to carry your mobile hung around your neck, use the eyelet located on the oval top part of the device.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
One of the phone's two speakers • data connector • built-in camera with a mirror

Samsung X700's battery is lithium-polymer and is easy to remove. According to the manufacturer, a single charge of the battery of 800 mAh capacity should be enough for up to 450 hours on stand-by or 450 minutes of calls. Under the battery you will find a tiny drawer. Press it with the edge of your nail to pull out the SIM card.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
Battery goes out smoothly • battery is not protected • eyelet

Brilliant displays are Samsung specialty

Samsung has always been famous for its brilliant displays. Samsung X700 is no exception to the rule. It has an active TFT display, which displays 262K colors on a surface of 176 x 220 pixels. In terms of contrast, animation speed and color performance this display is among the best ones. On the other hand, it is a bit too embedded and therefore rather dark under direct sunlight. Depiction is extremely fine despite of the larger size of the display (30 x 38 mm).

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
Large, top-class display

If you leave Samsung X700 inactive for some time, a big digital clock accompanied by the respective date and day of the week appears on the display. Furthermore, smaller icons alert you about the number of received messages and missed calls, without the necessity of activating the display. The only drawback here is that all above mentioned details remain hardly visible under strong light.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
Display evenly illuminated in the dark

Keypad scores less

The keypad is one of the weak links in Samsung X700. Control and menu navigation are performed through the main four-way button with a confirming central part. On both sides of the control button there are two soft keys. Beneath them are the standard green and the red receivers and the correction C button.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
Main control button • and its confirming central part

Numeric keys are organized in a block with no spaces. The only feature that helps touch orientation to a certain degree is the cascade form of the keys, that is, the bottom part of each key is slightly elevated if compared to the top part of the key below it. Besides, there are horizontal silver strips above the 2, 5, 8 and 0 keys, which however serve as decorative elements rather than as touch orientation tools.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
Keypad is not absolutely flat • and may cause you difficulties at the beginning

According to my opinion, the most serious drawback of Samsung X700's keypad are its densely positioned keys. Keys are small and pretty stuck together, which often leads to pressing two neighboring keys at a time, instead of one. That is why I recommend you to use your nails rather than your fingers when you work with the keypad. It is all about getting used to it. A little bit of practice is all you need to start writing smoothly and seamlessly.

Samsung SGH-X700
White backlight behind the keypad

The keypad is evenly illuminated in white. The green and red receiver keys are the only ones to maintain their original color. Samsung X700 offers an interesting function, due to which you can select whether the keypad should always be backlighted when the display is illuminated, or it should get illuminated in evening and night hours only. The time range, in which backlight is active, can be modified from the main menu of the phone. In terms of energy saving the keypad backlighting is automatically switched off if the battery is running out of power. Low energy levels also lead to deactivation of the display, and block the camera and the music player applications.

Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-X700
Key number 2 did not sustain common SMS writing

Note: During the tests the key number 2 fell off the keypad. Even though I managed to put it back into its nest, it would not hold - a problem that could be solved with a small drop of glue. The only excuse in favor of Samsung is that the testing model does not represent the retail version of the phone.

Reader comments

  • Anonymous

disappointed in the camera, picture is not as sharp as i thought it would be

  • Usman

hello,i'm usind X700 phone from last 5 mnths and im fully satisfied from it and very impressed from its performance.Apart from mega pixel cam ,radio,mp3 it has also got a good battery time.

  • Andre

The samsung x700 has everything I need. A radio, mp3, memory card slot, bluetooth, it also has a good design. And in Cyprus it's only 209 pounds with 1GB memory card (about 280 euros)