Samsung Xcover 271

Samsung Xcover 271

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Durable, is prone to speaker issues.

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    • paulcatchafish
    • mps
    • 07 Mar 2022

    my ring tone stopped working but can still use phone can anybody help

      • s
      • sato dana
      • Jgx
      • 27 Jun 2021

      Big crunch for this phone in my pocket since 2017. Somehow Googlemaps functionnalities died recently (somewhere in 2019-2020 I noticed), does anyone knows how to fix it?

        • L
        • L973
        • nH{
        • 03 Feb 2021

        Only candybar I've ever had where the battery swole over time. That and, I had some issues with call reception. Decent if not excellent otherwise. Bought in 2013, on a shelf since 2015

          • M
          • Mogy
          • nT1
          • 11 Dec 2020

          adam, 28 Aug 2020hi how can i upgrade? it refuses on kies,Running Kies as administrator helped for me to connect to the phone

            • a
            • adam
            • gxK
            • 28 Aug 2020

            abi, 10 Sep 2015i just upgrade software from samsung skies for xcover 2710,... morehi how can i upgrade?
            it refuses on kies,

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              • Euro
              • JF4
              • 22 Aug 2020

              Hello everyone. Does anyone know could swap battery from C3350 to Xcover 271 (B2710)?
              Does it compatible?

                • O
                • OldtimerGent
                • m9s
                • 28 Oct 2019

                The GT-B2710 is currently unavailable except for a "strange" up-date under Android at a whopping E180,- price tag... utterly unacceptable, for a CANDY-BAR format.

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                  • azimuth
                  • QCQ
                  • 29 Apr 2019

                  at this date, 2019 they are $ 70 on eBay, batteries $ 15

                  i recommend for a simple back up phone

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                    • AZIMUTH
                    • QCQ
                    • 29 Apr 2019

                    Love this phone, bought on ebay, its my Costa Rica bar phone, drop it in drinks to show off, terrible at text and aps but a good safety option to call a taxi

                      If I'm not mistaken - there was a special edition London 2012 Samsung B2710, right?

                        The LCD is probably interchangable with the Nokia 5000d-2, Nokia 7100 Supernova and Sony Ericsson K800 right? No?

                          • D
                          • AnonD-566713
                          • 0V2
                          • 24 Dec 2017

                          ramoode, 16 Oct 2014how do you take videos off the phone to the computor,?and t... moreprobably w/ samsung kies.

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                            • AnonD-566713
                            • 0V2
                            • 24 Dec 2017

                            SUMIT, 30 Jul 2015I want to buy this phone, i am from india. suggest me how c... moreEBAY

                              • p
                              • pfoty
                              • JGp
                              • 16 Jun 2017

                              Tayyab, 07 Mar 2017love this fone. perfect if you are a outdoor person and all... morehy, Where did you buy the Samsung xcover 271? mine has the audio KO...marisa from Itlay

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • Pfi
                                • 09 Mar 2017

                                abi, 10 Sep 2015i just upgrade software from samsung skies for xcover 2710,... moreThe best size

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                                  • Tayyab
                                  • nE@
                                  • 07 Mar 2017

                                  love this fone. perfect if you are a outdoor person and all you want is to make and recieve calls and text. ive had one for 4 5 years and its never let me down so ive just ordered another today, i broke the screen on other one and spares are impossible to get. cant fault the fone.

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                                    • J.C.
                                    • 3q@
                                    • 30 Aug 2016

                                    The best brick phone I still own and use for my rough workspace. Past full 5 years it has not let me down after countless drops. I only use it for calls and it's pristine at doing this exact job! While the battery has worn over the course of 5, almost 6 years, it still holds at least 4-5 days and when I got it it used to hold entire two weeks!

                                    Still very surprised how well it performs even after all this time! Gonna use it until it really dies off for good.

                                      • a
                                      • abi
                                      • 70d
                                      • 10 Sep 2015

                                      i just upgrade software from samsung skies for xcover 2710, amazing this small mobile also can upgrade,

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                                        • Neo
                                        • Ss1
                                        • 18 Aug 2015

                                        WARNING! Video is NOT 320p@15fps.
                                        It's 160x128. Check the user manual for confirmation!