Samsung Xcover 271

Samsung Xcover 271

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  • utC
  • 30 Jul 2015

I want to buy this phone, i am from india. suggest me how can i have this

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    • AnonD-125700
    • pXL
    • 04 Feb 2015

    It must be yours with a deffect, I bought one today, slightly used and it needs a coin to open.
    I find this phone very very nice (and I've had Nexus 4, HTC One M7 and others).
    I even managed to sync my google contacts using samsung KIES.
    It would be nice to sync the calendar, if someone knows how please tell me.

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      • ramoode
      • mD9
      • 16 Oct 2014

      how do you take videos off the phone to the computor,?and to the memory card..

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        • henry
        • 3pG
        • 26 Aug 2014

        while using third-party headphones?,
        ithink 3,5 jack is normal ,but headphones is this phone big problem

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          • Don
          • m1c
          • 26 Aug 2014

          AnonD-267780, 02 Jul 2014Is this phone having call auto reject under Call settings ... moreI checked this for you: Yes it does.

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            • seb
            • T3f
            • 26 Aug 2014

            SSA, 22 Aug 2014Hi, Is it possible to change font size in text's ? thxtry volume keys when reading sms.

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              • SSA
              • GN4
              • 22 Aug 2014

              Is it possible to change font size in text's ?

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                • Mr Opinion
                • Meg
                • 09 Jul 2014

                Overall this is very rugged phone, but it has the weak spot - mic. It can get stuck with something pretty easy, is it water or particle of sand. Pretty dissapointing, when you try to call somebody, but he can't hear you. And it takes some time to clean the mic.

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                  • AnonD-267780
                  • Mf5
                  • 02 Jul 2014

                  Is this phone having call auto reject under Call settings like B2100? please check & post

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                    • palm
                    • Mf5
                    • 02 Jul 2014

                    Is this phone having call auto reject under Call settings like B2100? please check & post

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 0Ub
                      • 21 Apr 2014

                      hi guys if anyone make skype work please send me a mail and explain me how to do. my mail is

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nIg
                        • 09 Apr 2014

                        Very disapointed with this phone cannot tranfer apps to the sd card, phone has only 1gb of memory I bought a 32gb sd card and cannot transfer apps to it, also cannot turnoff answerphone phone rings a very limited time before going to answerphone ggrrrrr!!!! worst phone I have ever bought unless you can root it stay clear complete and utter waste of money

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                          • j
                          • PSI
                          • 26 Mar 2014

                          Paul, 25 Mar 2013 Phone its not bad, however the fact that I can not make th... moreI think u should check your voice mail. if you have a voice mail and it was set to a short period of time, then it wont ring longer however you set it.. :)

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                            • Shree Rai
                            • HDF
                            • 12 Feb 2014

                            This handset is quite good, reliable, tough built & you can be confident when you're outdoor. I've taken this handset to Africa (Kenyan Tour), Nepal & Jordan during my overseas tour as a soldier but never let you down. This is dust proof, weather proof and it can survive if you drop it accidently. Nice design and decent battery life. So I carry it into my bag in case if my smartphone doesn't work specially on my long journey.

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                              • AnonD-223301
                              • KsC
                              • 11 Jan 2014

                              I believe that the model plum ram (check on this model) is much better and cheaper than this, and it offer more features like, 3.5 jack, double sim, and a more tough and rugged body. I have it and is much more phone than what this offer.

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                                • vēer
                                • Tts
                                • 27 Nov 2013

                                Overall good phone, the only thing were it sucks is battery cover - it is not shock proof, if you drop your phone on hard surface, the battery cover will fall off and the battery as well as microSD card will fall out of it, it wasnt the case with B2100!
                                It happens because closing mechanism is very weak - you can open the "dialing" lock with your fingernail, on B2100 I needed coin or other hard item to open it up!
                                So, basically its waterproof and only partially shockproof, because whats the use of shockproofness if your phone falls apart and turns off after bump?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • mpZ
                                  • 19 Oct 2013

                                  Anonymous, 15 Nov 2012I am thinking of buying this phone.Should I buy it?Nope!!

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                                    • AnonD-165094
                                    • 3q8
                                    • 12 Sep 2013

                                    Is this phone good for messaging? tnx

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                                      • Hello
                                      • 3AA
                                      • 31 Aug 2013

                                      Hello, I wan to ask if someone of you has experience with video shooting with this phone. How long is the max length of the video which can be shoot, are there any limitations for the length, can I used it as a camera and make a video for lets say 4 hours?
                                      Thank you

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                                        • Alexander
                                        • LBM
                                        • 28 Aug 2013

                                        AnonD-86112, 23 Aug 2013Where I can find this phone screen themes?En Zedge, you find thousand themes, images, ringtones