Samsung Xcover 271

Samsung Xcover 271

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  • Gordon

KUNTA, 22 Oct 2010 Bluetooth? Can not connect with Mac. My main reason for bying ... moreThe only reasonable way to sync it to Mac is using your Google account. I do this way and it works. Also you can use DUN and file transfer via BT.

  • Roel

reden, 21 Oct 2010are there available apps to use its gps? like those sports track... moreHello, did you find out if its possible to use the GPS for logging tracks, I want to use it for Biking, skiing. I don`t find any answers in the reviews... Greetings Roel

  • mm

roland, 11 Dec 2010is this phone have an altimeter?? theres no in specifications?yes, it can get from GPS signal like every other GPS phone - longitude, latitude and altitude ;)

  • mm

mm, 18 Nov 2010got it on tuesday evening - everything liked - the sound is clea... moreGot it back few days ago.
Now it has newer firmware in which, so now there is no problems with memory :)
Also put TrekBuddy software on it, and throug MobileAtlasConverter downloaded maps. It finds GPS signal even in room in a 10-20sec!
I like this phone more and more :)
And few times it fall on ground in dirty snow - took it inside,washed under water and looks like new :) Its nice, that you can wash your phone if it gots dirty :D

  • roland

is this phone have an altimeter?? theres no in specifications?

  • explorer

btw, Dorro and JCB has already a rugged dual sim mobile phone. here it is...­ughphone-pro-talk-tp851

  • explorer

had the chance to fiddle this phone again side by side with B2100 @ Orange shop yesterday and WOW i was shocked how bad the B2100 keypad is! the keypad of B2710 or X271 Xcover is simply fantastic!

  • Joe

same here, if this phone had all the features it has at the moment plus dual phone capabalities. i would have one by now.

  • alexmonst

I get this phone almost a month, it's smooth working at the beginning, but after upgrade firmware from server, got a malfunction on CALL STATUS TONES, while making a call and it's connected but there're no signal tone anymore --> pls help

  • Dual too

explorer, 02 Dec 2010I'm hoping that in the near future Samsung would come out with a... moreAgreed, I'm also holding out for a dual sim rugged phone, give me something like one but with dual standby and you'd have my money in a heartbeat.

  • explorer

Had the chance to fiddle this phone @ O2 shop yesterday. It's a lot bulkier than the B2100 and E1130 but this has the best keypad among the 3 rugged Samsungs I've used/tested. Keypad is very responsive and very nice to text compared to all other rugged phones. Although LCD is small, it is very nice because of high resolution.

Downside of this phone is no built-in FM radio antenna. I don't understand why Samsung used the built-in FM antenna on E2152 but this one it doesn't have. Considering that this phone is an outdoor phone, built-in FM antenna is a MUST.

  • explorer

I'm hoping that in the near future Samsung would come out with a rugged DUAL sim quadband GSM/UMTS mobile phone packed with all the features of this Xcover 271.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2010Can anyone provide some experiences regarding the software and i... moreNokia 3720 has bad network reception!Beware!

  • Anonymous

Can anyone provide some experiences regarding the software and its stability? My experience is that Nokia phones just work much better because the software is more stable and often also easier to use. That would probably make the Nokia 3720 a better choice for me, but I really like the battery life and IP67 rating of this Samsung. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

ngampleh, 15 Nov 2010Hello, I'm from Indonesia I've got this phone yesterday.. still... moreIf this is out in Indonesia will it also be out here in the Philippines? I hope I can get myself one as a Christmas present. Im looking forward to its torch, compass, GPS and altimeter feature. My samsung b2100 has been very reliable and I hope this is better.

  • Anonymous

climbcycle, 20 Nov 2010Are there different models of the 2710 then? Am a bit confus... moreit should be same as what you seen here in gsmarena if in case it's different it's not ginuine? or means from china. or i dont know else why?

  • Tito

royston, 25 Nov 2010the blackberry 9700 daa cable im using and it works ,allso the s... moreThank you, now I realize that the cable is a micro usb.

  • royston

Tito, 23 Nov 2010Does anybody knows where I can find Data/Charging usb cable for ... morethe blackberry 9700 daa cable im using and it works ,allso the samsung 8510 cable works too.

  • Tito

Does anybody knows where I can find Data/Charging usb cable for this mobile?

  • climbcycle

Will I be able to download a chess game to the 2710?

Have seen lots of games I could download but not chess.

Maybe chess is to complicated and the memory would have to be massive?