Samsung Z2 now available for purchase in Indonesia and Nepal as well

Himanshu, 24 September 2016

Shortly after receiving certification from DG SDPPI (the Indonesian equivalent of the US FCC), the Tizen-powered Samsung Z2 smartphone has been launched in the country. The device carries a price tag of IDR 899,000 (around $70) there.

In addition, the phone has also been released in Nepal, where it costs NPR 7,290 (around $70).

For those who aren't aware, the phone is already available for purchase in India and Africa, where it carries a price tag of around $70 and $78, respectively. In India - where the Z2 was Paytm exclusive at launch - you can now also purchase it through Amazon.



Reader comments

  • Angry

i recently bought this Z2 thing and am noticing it now that l cant download anything from the Tizen store because I am from Southern Africa...why? why then do you ship the bullshit to Africa if you dont want Africans to use it...."this service is no...

  • Punha

Iam in Zimbabwe and purchased that phone from South africa. I will collect it on friday. Iam hearing that once this phone cant be repaired once its dead . Is this true?please help me guys with info

  • Anonymous

Tizen is not DOA. It is life. The best smartwatch OS in the world. See Gear S2 and Gear S3. That is on Tizen. Also the biggest in smartwatch industry. Tizen phone is not as great though, honestly. Need a flagship Tizen to uplift its image.

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