Samsung Z500

Samsung Z500

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  • ben

thanks to chloe-ive now ordered this phone and am just waiting for it to arrive.

  • Roligo

this phone is realy-realy gooood!!!!!!

  • @-@

it means for those who heard or advised to charge for a longer time at the beginning can do so for a peace of mind...for ppl likeu who like to go around scolding ppl stupid for doin so can have the option of not doin so..its entirely up to themself...understand? nothings gonna go bad if u charge it a bit longer. the most important thing is tat it wont make the battery life shorter!! simple english

  • froggy

thanks a lot yeoman!i want to buy the 512 mb card for mp3 and romania...where i am from you just cant find a transflash card up to 512 mb only i had to ask somedoby bring this card from china...i am expecting the card these days!thanks again!

  • to sarah

lol " doesnt hurt charging the phone for long time to like 16 hours for the 1st time to be on the safe side "
what does this mean?
i din say dat im highly knowledgable and throughly understand, but at least i can understand there is no nit of any 1st time charging time
dont juz play wif words ya, if u got any proves juz show it to all of us dat u r correct =)

  • @-@

to tosarah..did i mention or insist tat u have to charge it for a long time b4 using? whether its neccesasry or not its entirely up to them. but i can feel u may be the kind of person to take off ur pants when u wanna fart coz no 1 have such funny idea but u. 4 tat keep it up. and by merely reading a single website bout battery doesnt make u highly knowlegable and throughly understand how lithium ion works ya.

  • kyle brightman

hello, i got this phone about a month ago and im abit concerned about the battery life seen as though it only lasts a day, and the charger coverer is crap and the headphone coverer is to, as they are broke. but the good points are that this phone has the best camera, you can have tele on it, its small and easy to use, mp3 which is excelent. so overall this phone is the best phone ive ever had.

  • darkage

i juz got tis phone few day work quite well on me in overall performances...but the fone still hv sum function where i not so like it wan

  • chloe

reply 2 ben..
if u press the red hang up key whilst txting a pop up appears askin if u wuld like to save it 2 drafts then u can carry on writing your message if u select it in the drafts box!
does anybody know if u can get mp3 tones for text messages??

  • Zann

How do i get louder tones for the phone? seems like the ringtones under mp3 format is really soft...

  • ben

does anyone know if they hav fixed the annoying problem of when your writing a msg and u accidently press the red hang up key???alot of other phones will ask if u wanna save the msg first b4 it deletes it-does samsung still hav this problem???

  • to sarah

lol @-@ dont post asif u noe doesnt hurt but it is unneccessary, lol juz like taking off ur pants to fart...does dat hurt?it doesnt..but then it's unneccessary
hope this web sum research b4 u speak out sumthing

  • George

The battery is terrible so is the zoom for the photos. Indeed has long video and voice recording. The connection with the p/c is easy. Not good signal quallity. V good photos

  • lerato

i have been using it for the past 7 months and i am imprest with it, but the problem is the battery life of it, because it last only a day or sometimes half a day.using it as a modern comes in vey helpfull.

  • @-@

to doesnt hurt charging the phone for long time to like 16 hours for the 1st time to be on the safe side and pls stop calling other ppl stupid when they r trying to help..any way i bet u dunno anything about battery dun act as if ur a pro!

  • to sarah

ok but im juz pointing out dat there's nonit of doing it coz its like doing an unneccessary thing....and u look at her reply?lol

  • ian

Sarah / tosarah,

Interesting issue on whether its correct or wrong charging your new h/p for more than d usual charging time (approx 2 to 3 hrs). But in recent years, whenever i bought a new h/p or BTooth devices, d seller will always advise me to charge d phone for about 8 hrs even though d batt is either Li-Ion/Li-Polymer. I always disagree wit their advise/recommendation but then again even d Nokia/SonyE/Samsung/... distributors said d samething. "Best charge it for about 8 hrs." Technically, i do agreed with "tosarah" thats unnecessary. But i dont think "Sarah" are wrong too cos she maybe advised by the seller. Or maybe it really works! Cheers!

  • to sarah

to sarah........

FIY ur info was wrong, dont help if u dont noe anything...

neways im juz pointing out ur mistake

  • gerry

the phone is fine. the battery runs out fast when on 3g mode but on the other hand it charges up very fast. Swings and roundabouts, me thinks.

I've also had problems loading cd to my computer for some reason.

  • kl person

hi i think this is a great fone but some of u r kinda sad chattn on here all day bout it soo pla do urselvse a favour n go outside stop hangn bout on ur computer