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Samsung Z500

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  • Sorin

use the samsung software, download it from if u don`t have the original cd
how to connect it: i prefer using an irda/bluetooth adapter

so far i had no problems with nokia and motorola...

my opinion about Z500:
A nice one, as we got used to from samsung, but i would love it if it would have a 2MP camera (and a FM radio, my obsession) :)

  • Andy

Dear all of you
If you are planning to buy this mobile, DON'T!!!
This phone is not worth the price and i recommend to you guys to buy a samsung NV10 instead. The different between the 2 mobiles is that the samsung Z500 has the expandable memory. But the ZV 10 features are more stable and less problems and error than Z500.
I have used the 2 mobiles and NZ10 is a cheap 3G phone and perform better than Z500. (( load faster, Louder speaker, User friendly, and the screen colour seem to look beter than Z500, my opinions )

  • David

Install the PC Studio CD in your box and connect the USB cable to your phone

  • Ali

hello please can someone help me!! iv just got this phone 4 xmas and i would lyk 2 know how i can get pictures off the phone and onto the computer and also how 2 connect it 2 get music on. please helpp!!??!!

  • Anonymous

does the bluetooth work with any kind of phone? (nokia, motorola, sony ericson) plz answer.

  • sokunthy

ALL 3G PHONES got a budget batteries. All of them are, because of the 3G service that it's using.
I rang vodafone and spoke to 3 different technicians, all of them said 3G phone batteries should only last about 1 to 2 days and it is OK TO CHARGE YOUR PHONE EVERY NIGHT. I am concern about the batteries life too but thats how it is.
1.Turn your 3g service off.
2. Turn off the SUB LCD
3. Don't play your ms3 music at home, just use your PC to play it!!!


  • frogy

i just bought this phone today so can any1 help me...i want to buy it a memory card...a 512 mb card will fit?it will suport it?
of course...microsd

  • Trigger

Can anyone help me download mp3's or audio cd tracks on to my Z500 through the supplied PC studio spent hours trying it but to no avail!!

Put audio cd in laptop tried to move certain tracks into file manager but comes up access denied select different folder to download, this message appears for all attempts to download anything to my phone, HELP!!!

  • Ben

I assume the message memory is shared with the internal memory of the phone- so a hell of alot.. got to 300ish before i sent mine back to vodafone- there was a bug on the phone but got a replacement.

I highly doubt it can support word files, havent tried but i doubt it.

One thing for when you get the phone:

Charge for a full 16hours non-stop for the firt time, then let it fully discharge before you recharge. And to extend the battery life change from the 3g mode, and make sure blue tooth is turned off.

  • kam

please i have a question that will determine whether i buy this phone or not:
does the bluetooth work with all types of phones (nokia, sony ericson, etc.)?
also how many SMS messages does the inbox fit?

  • Anonymous

Hi Chris,

The memory card you got will have a smaller version in it. You need to pull it out and that part will fit into your phone.

The bigger part is just the adapter, if you need to put it into the memory card reader that does not take the transflash size card.

Hope this helps

  • Bertus

I want to get the z500, but have a few questions. Can the z500 disply MS word, Excell and pdf files? I read that the Samsung ZV30 can, but I don't realy want that phone because this one is smaller and has a more stylish design.(The zv30 looks cheap!) Please help.Cheers. B - Cape Town

  • chris

Got this fone yesterday and I like its very much, but what's the point of giving me an MMC if it doesn't fit in my fone?? ><

and do I have to change the format of videos into mp4 b4 downloading onto my fone??

  • JaeWong

i have had this phone for a while now. the battery life is average for a 3G phone. I put the Network Selection on 'Manual' and Network Mode on 900/1800 instead of 3G; only putting it on 3g when i anticipate to make or receive a video call. Thereafter, I get a little over 3 days when making moderate calls, texts, pics and videos. My friend's nokia 6680 gets around the same battery life.

The video quality is good, maximum recording time is 60mins without memory card. At night, when light is low, the camera lags, so all types of movement start to have 'trails' behind them. but its only at night.

at first, the pc-phone software didnt work for me! but then i went to 'Phone Monitor Settings' on the pc software and enabled all the ports, and it worked! after i got it working i didnt know why it took me so long to figure out!!

but bottom line, this fine is style. and for all you skeptics out there, well hey, its a mobile phone, so you shouldnt ask for too much. and i copped it for $499 in new zealand with 1 year warranty, so not bad.
final comment - i really like this phone.

  • Ben

Answering questions:

1. Yes you can set real tones and mp3s as ring tones

2. For the movies you need to turn them in mp4's i believe

3. 1.3 mega pixel

4. The file transfer is hard, but work at it and it turns out ok.

5. 128mb mmc wont work, it only takes Micro SD cards- not mini or anything else.

6. It has speakerphone.

7. 3G is video calls etc, 2G is otherwise known as GPRS, which is for use when you dont make video calls.

8. I dont know about the 5 times for a full charge and discharge for the battery to fully work, although the battery life does seem to be slightly better now- but nowhere near full. Im on my 4th charge.

9. Des anybody know any decent information about firmware upgrades for this phone? Like ones that will improve battery life without damaging it?

  • xyzplus1

can someone please tell me how to transfer my short movie files to the handset? probably i will have to convert them but how and where to find the free software?thanks

  • Xell

I had this phone for 6 mounts now, and im disappointed. The battery life is poor and the alarm doesn't work every time. The mobile is nice and stylish but the inside is week.

  • toni

what megapixel is the z500 because i have been tld dats its 1.0 but other people sa its 1.3 what is it

  • John Marsh

Without doubt, this is the worst handset I have had and it would seem that from other comments that some of the fault lies with vodaphone. The battery life is awful and as for PC studio for connecting the phone to a Pc, this is just a joke. All syncronisation options are greyed out. Stay clear of this handset.

  • Stephanie

Recently upgraded to z500 and find it very good. Was advised by Vodafone to charge battery for 16 (sixteeen ) hours before switching it on for the first time. This is because there is a memory chip in samsung batteries which will kick inthe battery full at 100%.

I do find it difficult to download my music files to the phone tho as it tells me the folder is wrong.

Any suggestions?