Samsung Z510

Samsung Z510

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  • Hunter

Can anyone name the message and ringtones on this phone please?

  • Rino

Where can I find Batteries, mine are already dead...

  • Raj

WHere can i buy white panel , I'm in chennai, i tried in chennai ( Many Shops) .Anybody if u know abt the shop , let me know

Rocket Raj

  • Andy

hi, can anyone tell mine what are the wap and mms settings for 3 Network as i have a 3 simcard in my Samsung Z510 and want to get on the wap to stop football alerts coming into my phone

  • altamira

if you don't mind i'd like to ask where can i buy the flex of samsung z510?

  • Altamira

Where can i buy the flex of my mobile?im locating in lucena city?


Sorry mate, I don't think you can get it anymore. Even in eBay you can only find accessories. Maybe you can try those phone accessories stores or the "dodgy" phone shops in Chinatown.

  • buttmuncher

can you still get the samsung Z510??? I usecd to have it and found it was an awesome phone, reliable and stylish!! where can I get??


I miss this phone.
I had this model in white and by far it was the HOTTEST phone I have had.
Many people loved the design and would say to me that it's a HOT PHONE.
I remember bringing it with me to Uruguay in 2007. This model hadn't arrived in South America and everyone who saw it was AMAZED. It was so cool having a cool phone and a phone that nobody had. It was by far the most advanced phone in Uruguay. Most people who had an "AMAZING" phone during my time in Uruguay had only a Motorola V3. By 2007, Australia already was trying to get rid of the phones, in contrast in South America it was considered an awesome phone.

  • Lawson

It's not a bad phone. Mine is a hand-me-down from my Mum. I don't know what that other guy is talking about but this camera is quite impressive. It's only 1.3mp and but the auto focus is quite good and if you hold it still images generally aren't blurry. The flash works and as far as average phone cameras go its perfectly fine for an okay quality photo every now and then. Sound quality from the speaker is better than average and you can use WAV files for ring tones if you please. As mention by others the battery life is not as good as it could be, I get just over 2 days of use and I only use my phone for txting and receiving the very occasional call. The thing I do dislike about this phone however is the UI. In particular with the message inbox, one can only delete all messages in a folder or delete them individually. The phone does provide a "clean up feature" which has the default option on the left or the screen being "delete" but this really doesn't make deleting 100+ messages easy. most other phones e.g. Nokia seem to have an almost OS wide "mark" or "tick" function which will allow you to perform a single action on multiply selected items but this phone lacks this for some unknown reason. The MP3 play works well enough although i don't see why anyone would bother as you can only fit about 1CD on the phone at a time. I wish I could comment on the video calling features but I live in Tasmania which supports a better 850mhz 3G band which wasn't around when this phone was released.

  • sparrowfart

this is a sexy phone! i have sold heaps i the past and they hardly scratch at all, good clear screen, however shame about the shitty camera, should of been a 5mp for sure

  • ImySoFreaky

I have this phone, and yes, the battery life is appalling, but it's a great phone all up. Music is quite loud,and good volume. Bluetooth I've only ever had problems trying to get files from my computer. you can drop it, throw it, even get it in puddles and it still survives. My only problem is the playlist. The buttons located on the right side of the phone (when closed) are kinda irritating, if you lean on it it starts screaming out all the songs in your playlist.... also, does anyone know how to delete your playlist/delete music from it? (without deleting the song from your phone??)
Great! :3

  • Maddie

I really want to get a white one of these samsung z510 but i can't find any on ebay and i cant buy it brand new for $500 ,, where can i find a new cheap white one??

  • me

are you on drugs?
this was the best phone i ever had!

  • lala

it's the worst mobile ever

  • Anonymous

I had the phone for about 12 months, and it was fantastic for 9 of them after that it just spazed out and was mired by many problems: could rarely send sms, the time and date would change on its own, often switching between 12 hour and 24 hour display and the camera just stopped working all of a sudden, but all in all if it hadnt been for these issues i would still be using this extremely rugged phone, but i love my iphone now

  • Paco

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2007Just wondering if anyone knows how i can fix the camera? ev... morei have the exact same problem. its driving me insane! who knows how to fix this please!

  • KittyKat

I have had this phone for about 18 months now and its doing pretty well. Only problem i have is that there is something corrupted in the software and i can't send or receive picture messages. Other than that its been dropped in the toilet and it still works fine%Pr

  • J.

Enjoyed it first. The reason the large memory (more than 140 mb)10 mp3 from 4mb up to 9 mb honderds of pictures. Movies and still just half the memory full. Later the model became a little much. Next time a slider or a brick. Still good phone would advice anybody that want's it go for it.