Samsung Z510

Samsung Z510

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  • your mom!

it looooooks nothing like the v3
you ppl are drunk!

  • hot

hey guys,

Samsung is demonstrating that they have the technology to embed megapixels and multimedia features to a slim phone. Samsung do not want motorola to monopolize this field because only samsung and motorola has this technology and they have this edge toward nokia and sonyericsson,etc.

This should be a healthy competition, and we will have the many option.

Anyway, samsung has launch slim phone on all forms (slim slider, slim folder and slim bar phone).

  • zion

owkay...this looks like a total ripoff of motorola v3 razr...don't know why samsung would want to make this phone...

  • Anonymous

V3 imitated??????????????
V3 and this phone have already sold in Korea.
Is Moto creative company perfectly??????????
Every company rips something other companys.

  • Ali Abbas

samsung shame on you
u have done a big mistake

you r not producing the need

you r big copy cats

motorala must go for copy rights

  • Anonymous

SAmsung - RAZR V3 imitated!!!

Shame on Samsung!!

  • Herve

Looking like the RAZR is a bad thing? To my eye it's the RAZR's more professional and sober sister.

  • Ne_0

This does not need a memory card.
It has 138MB of memory for gods sake. This is a really slim phone with a decent camera and bags of memory.
What more could you want???

  • Pikao

WTF? V3 copy? Comom Samsung designers! Have some imagination!

  • donut

doesn't look as good as the V3i and no card-slot! :-(

  • Riaz

sometimes i think samsung D600 kind of phone is unique and that is what made samsung's name up this year

  • Crypt Keeper

don't you people think this phone looks like a RAZR when opened?! 1.3 megapixel... big mistake from Samsung~

  • HyperioN

omg varun the V3 is a Motorola this is a Samsung that's a universe difference!
The V3 being crap does not mean at all that this will be too.

  • ...

read the specs and compare this with the v3 before you post that rubbish

  • brev

its a v3 with a diffrent name and the v3 was crap

  • unknown

looks good no memory card but the memory is 130 mb thats alot still feature packed