Samsung Z510

Samsung Z510

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where is bluetooth. are there is in this phone? ı think it's similar to motorola v3........ but this properties are wonderfull............ı wish to 2 mega pixels.

  • Meline

Just see who is winner? A cpoy piece can be a winner? lol Look at the market and see.
V3 = pro , Samsung = noob

  • carl

Yes people.they might have copy the phone from V3 or whatever u wanna call that piece off.... it's a 100% better then the motorola.And it works,compared to the blablabla V3

  • Nibiru

As all would expect : Another piece of junk from samsung.... They have got to pe joking for sure.... Com'on look at the keypad... JEEZ

  • kumo

exactly its a copy piece
look! they tried to make sth difrent, and you can see its kep pad, omg wat a noob key pad.
tats wat someone call brand for new generation? lol

  • Ionut

When I saw it I tought.Is this Motorola v3?
Comeon they copied it piece by piece.Take a look at the battery part,screen,everything.Why buy the original(rolex) when you can buy the cheap copy(chinese) :)

  • Anonymous

hahaha, samsung is always innovative, they perfected the screen the sound and most especially the design. Samsung is not always in a hurry to offer great features because they do know that many of which cannot be used this moment of time.

Samsung phones are the choice of the new generation, the digital way.

  • Anonymous

hahaha korean style always a copy way.
seem Samsung is a brand for kids

  • kunal

samsung cannot beat moto v3 nor copy motos design of v3. ask them to tey their own floop design

  • cg

its a shame samsung not comming out with sd slots on beautiful looking phones

  • -_-

how the hell is this a copy of v800? maybe a v3 copy, but not v800

  • katana

isn't this a copy of Sony Ericsson V800/Z800 ???

  • AZZA

This is a rip off of the v3! samsung should be ashamed of themselves stooping so low to copy motorolas designs! get your own designs!

  • juapappy

I really think this is the best phone i want to buy the rasor but i always love samsung i think is way better congratulations

  • Mike

Yeah the design and spec is relatively similar to the V3i but to me thats like saying 'nokia can't do flip phones because samsung did them first'. It is not just the apperance of the phone, as a personal preference I find the samsung operating systems far more user friendly that motorola. It is just prodiving more choice to the market.

  • daz

Dats exactly what i thought when i first seen it- RAZR copy. I'd buy motorola if they never kept crashing and they'd charge properly.

  • rasengan

is it just me or is this samsung's imitation of a RAZR?

  • Njazi Hajdari

The lack of card slot it disappoints me.

  • bello mohd

samsung is the best so fari will like to have one of samsung510 if possible

  • pabs

now i've got many choices for a slim phone