Samsung Z510

Samsung Z510

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  • Anonymous

what material is this phone made of?

  • d500rulz

for those who say this ph is a clone of v3, you'd want to change ur mind only if get to see the actual phone. yeah they are both what so called slim phone but z510 gives a full image of slick phone while v3 only gives u a sharp image. technically speaking z510 wins in pretty much every aspect even compared with v3i.
personally I also love the look of v3 but it's just to hard to press buttion and hold the ph.
overall this may not look as business as v3 but I'd defintely choose this one.

  • Philip

First I wonder if someone has seen the Samsung in real life? The Samsung always look end smell cheep. OK. You must compare with Motorola V3x (3g phone). Samsung is made of cheep plastic and is a noob phone. Ok, its maybe better camra has more memory, but remember – both are phones, and most important future in phone is COMMUNICATION!

P.S. Samsung and LG are based om Ericsson platform so Koreans made only software and DESIGN! (which is copy). --> Samsung = copy of Eicsson

  • dareef

this phone looks like a cross between a v3 & a nec 313 nasty and tacky yet samsung usuly lead the way in quality and edgy design i hope this isnt the future of samsung

  • jole

than look the samsung z540 and say something about its buttons. motorola have 5mb, memo and this phone 92mb, motorola vga cam and this one mpx... and so on... so you cant say motorola is better

  • neil

wats so gud about this fone :

wats so gud about the motorola v3:
its much MUCH more modern

the buttons of this (samsung) fone are ugly

conclusion :the samsung is obviously the result of what happened when scientists squashed a normal samsung fone
its ugly

  • Jole

ok. then you can say that all phones that came after motorola startac are copy. because startac is the first phone you can open. i think it was first. z510 maybe looks like v3 but only because it is so thin. and samsung made a thin mobile and of course everyone says it is copy. no, it is not a copy.

  • just a user

Samsung started with the smalest 3G phone on the market: Z500 now is time for the slimest 3G phone on the market.Ofcorse from Samsung. From my opinion Samsung is the most high tech brand.Just loock at the available memory,video recording quality, pictures quality, sound quality, etc... They made greate phones like Z100:first 3G phone on the world, T100:first phone with TRUE color display(i wander where was Nokia and Sony Ericsson that time:D ah... yes... was Nokia 5210 and 8210) D500 a GREATE phone, D600 (D600 upgraded- GREAT!!!) Z500,Z130 (wide view) i300 (3Gb hdd inside) ,etc...

About copying v3.... Samsung had slim phones on korea market from 3 years when Motorola released V3. So... who is copying who ?
The peoples that saw V3, they love it. The peoples that ever used V3 for few days... they hate it deeeeply.

  • FleetStrike

Jeez, guys ...

You gotta be kiddin' when you keep on droolin' about the mighty and fine V3 ... Have you ever had one!?

I mean, actually bought V3 for 555 $ which was "great bargain for your business" when I bought it?

V3 was the first, the thinnest ... like he.l it was!! Have you guys ever heard of DoCoMo? Pilot projects by those guys or Samsung for that matter with slim and/or ultra Slim clamshell phones over 3 years ago?

Well yes, V3 was cool, I bought it for the same reason but all it was cool for was to show to an ignorant or techno-illiterate or eventually pompous club-owner who just "can't get enough of that awesome phone".

So you bought V3 Black, didn't you? In case you haven't, I took the liberty of doing that. 8 months ago. It sucks. Big time.
No remedies for illnesses of V3, no memory (5 MB doesn't begin to count), software breaking up in various spots (yes, breaking up 'cause I actually use the features of my phone), battery wasted in under 2 days ...

Oh yes, the package was cool - bluetooth set, leather bag, the keychain .. but I get this in from hosts of suppliers in UK who do it for every phone not only Moto.

With apologies for flooding the forum, I hope you V3 pros will spare us who are at least trying to be objective of all your "who was first" and "original / copy" blabla with no end?

I bought Z510 today 450 EUR, unlocked. The box had the phone, fine leather bag, bluetooth headset, stereo headset, bracelet, keychain, CD with software for PC operation and control and the Instruction Manual. 12 months warranty as well.

Not bad for a copy, right. It does hurt to look at my wife's (formerly mine) V3 which I can sell for under 150 EUR if I try hard.

Explaining what I feel looking at almost identical phones in shape but completely different worlds inside is not for this forum. It is for me to get mad at myself every day.

Z510 is simply a good phone, no particular flaws, not an outstanding piece but at least 16455 times better than the V3 in aspects of memory, conforming the phone for a business user, accessing menus, ending the conversation (I used to be forced to press 5-6 times the red key just to cut the friggin conversation on a V3!!).

Finally, I do drive a Mercedes Benz, station wagon. And find the V3 more akin to VW. Jetta. Whereas the Z510 is a Lexus in all actuality.

Apologies for flooding. Won't be writing ever again, cheers!

  • ummmz

Your right about in features wise that this phone is better then the v3 but you have to admit that not only samsung but many other companies are copying the v3 in looks & design wise.

Well theres always a company to start off the design and a bunch of other companies copys. But like many people reckon this phone is like a copy of the v3 in looks. I understand when people say that as technology improves phones get thinner, but you can clearly see its a similar design to the v3 no doubt about it.

Also the thinner mobile designing line started with motorola so people say other companies are copying motorola arent all that wrong. Well just my opinion.

This Samsung phone is alright, not all the best but its better then a standard phone of course.

  • jole

how can you all say that this samsung is copy of v3. ok, it might be in its outlooks but cant you see its software and other things. v3 have just 5mb, and this phone 138, v3 have vga camera without video capzure and samsung have 1,23mpx cam and video capture. this is much better phone than v3. z510 looks similar but when you open z510... v3 looks ridicilous

  • jole

no. its not too expensive in croatia. i am from vinkovci and in tehnoshop you can have it for 2800kn. its not too many because its a very good phone for that money

  • prelom

dear all, pls make a difference between this model and moto's V3. this is fully functional piece of phone, as opposed to V3's software adventures. I know several people owning and struggling with V3, experiencing different software design faults. if you are into open - source fiddling with your machine, V3 can be significantly improved (like actually being possible to see the same name receiving a message AND a call, shooting videos, globally setting delivery reports and similar - anybody who used a moto knows that their good hardware allways comes with semi-functional or undeveloped software), but still there are some hardware limitations, like the amount of memory and a poor camera. yes, moto is obviously nicer, especially the keypad, but this design is prone to damages, as it uses a kind of AIR PILLOW beneath the keys - beware of your angry SMS replies :-)
and, no, I don't think motorola patented a SLIM CLAMPSHELL, as I do not think that ford patented a 4 wheel car - as technology gets more powerfull, the phones will be thinner, people more healthy, nature more sick, and there is no single person or a company to take responsebillity or credits for that. please point your comments on how this phone works and on it's good and weak sides, leave V3 for moto's forum. love, thanks, enjoy...

  • Anonymous

Motorola V3 - Benz

Samsung (this Phone) - Hyundai

  • marina

it looks nice, but it will be probably too expencive for a little country like croatia.

  • 176 x 220 pixel

176 x 220 pixel

  • asdasd

u guys just babbling about copying thingy..just comment about the phone..not talking rubbish..just flooding the comment..duh..i think it is a great phone..shared memory more than 100mb.

  • Chantelle

This is a realy great phone, but by the time we get this phone in South-Africa I will most probably be dead!!!

  • Anonymous

well paying out for phones like 100S pounds and really its a phone wasteing money for nothing copys and just look at your money go down the drain it only takes 6 months for phones to be out of date in todays life

  • Anonymous

imitation for v3.......