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  • Yiannis

Samsung presented design-wise an excellent combination between Motorola V3i (no 3G) and V3x (thick) in a package called Samsung Z510. It has an excellent LCD, it is VERY slim and it is a 3G with many other goodies. In the box it comes with 2 batteries. As http:\ started selling this product since yesterday we have noticed a great demand. Since we are selling a lot of V3 and V3i we are sure this mobile will be head on with V3i. We will see who will be the winner (most likely in USA Motorola and in the rest of the war Samsung).

PLEASE when someone has something intelligent, positive or negative comment about a specific model to let everybody else know. Software and hardware problems are very important. So, please stop posting childish comments.

  • Paul

Samsung maximising on other manufacturers designs again. The D500 was a siemans slider rip off and this being one of the Moto V3. Looks great from the outside but disappointing open. the screen looks small too and the camera's only 1.3mp, for a new phone that's quite low.

  • Dogheist

It looks like this phone's design was based on moto razr v3

  • sarah

i have only seen both the v3 and this saumsung from pcitures but from what i have heard about the v3 range everything about it seems bad. the buttons lok very hard to use.

i was just wondering if anyone could comment on the samsung, like battery life, memory, camera capability?
because i am wondering whether to get this or the nokia 7370?


  • elliotg

this phone looks interesting but is a liitle pricey for me.
i just had to agree with the person who wrote a e-mail regarding the nonsense being expressed on this web site.i have been looking for some practical info, instead people write about b.s. gsm arena is a very good source of info. to bad for the people
who !@#$%^&*!!!!
thanks again to e-mailer zzzzzzz

  • Carbonize

This is for posting your opinion on the phones not pointless drivel. If a person says they think the phone is ugly or point out that the phone has no memory card slot then they are posting their opinion on the phone which is what this function is for.

  • PM

It is good that we make efforts to comment on a product characteristics. However, to certain people whom only knows how to complaint i.e. 'there is no memory / the phone is ugly when opened...blah blah blah' we can make the world a better place by keeping ourselves quiet. As everybody knows out there, there is simply no perfect handset when everybody's tastes are so diverse. Complaining on this forum only makes the complainant look silly not to mention, shallow on his thoughts for failing to think before he writes. Has it ever occured to you that there are people actually don't mind having phones with no expandable memory while loving the design as well?? Think again.

  • ()_+

I think the phone is very nice style wise, but just lacks memory. Thats pretty much it. If it had memory slot and bigger internal memory i would prolly buy it

  • Carbonize

So you make a post, that has nothing to do with the phone, just to complain about people making posts that have nothing to do with the phone? the words pot and kettle come to mind.

I still say the phone is ugly when open and the lack of a memory card slot is a big downer for me.


Please would all u people that write opinions, keep it directed towards the product that is the topic. Too many of you people bullsh_t about stupid things that are a waste of time for the people reviewing these products. If you guys feel like chatting with each other, for goodness sakes please exchange emails and do it that way so us real consumers can read whats important about these products and not your life stories etc... If you know a problem about the phone write it. If theres good features, write it. Stop talking about useless things please. Thank you.

  • mert

anyone has idea about the battery life?

  • Mr Met

The 510 would be complete if it was QUAD Band. Thats the only thing holding me back from buying it.

  • Carbonize

ca$h errrr the V3i isn't 3G, the V3x is 3G and if you read the 'opinions' a lot of people are comparing this with the bog standard V3 and not the V3i which still would be the wrong phone to compare it with.

And again I say 'NO CARD SLOT'.

  • Carbonize

Suprised nobody has compared this to the LG P7200 since thats what it resembles to me more than a V3. Anyway this phone looks good closed but damn tacky when opened.

This phones major downside is NO CARD SLOT. It has an MP3 player and megapixel camera but no SD card slot.

  • ca$h

Check this out!

Side by side comparisons between the z510 AND v3i

It clearly shows z510 is superior in every way.

  • just another user

give it up prelom! you obviously know nothing when it comes to phones. I still have the v3 and i fight the temptation to trow it off a bridge everyday! it's so lame and boring!Whereas samsung not only has the looks but also the features!

  • RedOcean

I do not think it matters who copy from who. As long as the phone pack with features and affordable, then it is the winner.

Ooo..I wish N70 features inside this phone..

  • asd

Dont have EDGE... :(

  • Andrew

Reading all your comments, i can't help but think, if you had the thoughts of a well educated phone guru, he would tell you that the V3 is a good looking phone, with no features, the Z510 is also a good looking phone with features and reliability to blow the over rated V3 away. People's. . . stop reading the comments writen by Motorola employees and do the Maths yourself.

  • manufacturing

To desing a fone, it takes about 9~10 months. It means that you need as much time to copy another model. Mobile phone is not pan cake you bake in the oven. I am not sure but think once more before you say it is an imitation of V3 series