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Samsung ZV50

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  • Anonim

This phone is better then zv60 . qvga video

  • ZV 50 owner

It is a pease of rubish The company shloud recall it,it's been 2 years that I have it and not in the 1 month I could say it was a gr8 fone.

  • Thurlo

If looks cude kill, the Zv50 wud b the last mobile standing!!! HOWEVER...... The battery life sucks.., both of them. Especially considering the ph dsnt hav any out of this world features. Im further disturbed by the fact that no java apps can run in background. This model clearly should hav been recalled! some1 plse let me know where i can upgrade the firmware 4 this model! mayb then id b able 2 run an app n listen 2 music at the sametime. Please help

  • Anonymous

SOHEL, 07 Jun 2008I'm unable to charge my phone as my orginal charger has stolen. ... moreuse the USB data cable--attach it to your computers USB port and switch it off and it will charge--before that, if the battery has no power at all--charge it a little first with a universal charger which you can buy for Tk 120--this battery is a bit peculiar in that it will not charge thru a USB if there is no charge on the battery itself--so charge it a bit with the Universal charger first


I'm unable to charge my phone as my orginal charger has stolen. Now I tried with many other charger but it's not working. Whenever I insert the charging cable into the port it shows nothing. Plz tell me what can I do now? In Bangladesh the accesories are not available.

  • zv50 user

why have pc studio udates, when you can't edit your numbers and messages. signal strength to be improved on.battery life not the best.

  • Ing

1. As Samsung will agree the ZV50 phone is impossible to use without two batteries. Also proven by the fact that Samsung risked the added cost by including an extra battery.
2. Juggleing two batteries wherever I go resulted in one getting lost a few months ago, maybe including a battery belt clip or wallet would have helped.
3. The waste heat generated also makes the phone uncomfortable to use. (Keypad and Battery)
4. I'm disgusted that the ZV50's phone contacts cannot be edited from Samsung's very own "Samsung PC Studio" versions.
5. The earpiece volume is too low even at the highest setting.
6. The signal strength is unstable resulting in poor speech (Other Phones excel in this area in the same location).
7. Additonal phone chargers for office and the car also proved to be very expensive.
8. Java Applications cannot run in background, a cheap Motorolla V360 can do this.
9. Shame the ZV50 cannot play video in full screen, so whats the point?
10. Now the remaining battery has very little service life left.
12. All this coupled with ridiculous cost of a replacement battery convinces me to never go near a Samsung Mobile again.
13. Seems SAMSUNG is too busy over-engineering with features and ignoring basic ergonomics.
Verdict: Expensive phone and features but low value end product to any consumer.

BTW one compliment, Excellent document viewer; PIXEL browser

  • Katja

Can anybody please tell me how to change the message tone?I mean I'm really starting to believe there's no such option on this phone............I hope I'm mistaken.
I also cannot find neither the apostrophe ('), nor quotation marks (").Please help me if you have experience with this phone......Tnx in advance

  • Ismaeel

Samsung should really work on the battery life and the phones ability to play music vids fullscreen. I also have a problem with the phones ability to play music while browsing through the phone at the same time. In general this is great phone though and im very happy with the HSDPA ability.

  • Sbusiso

the phone is Brilliant works very well with the pc and internet i had the phone for 2 months now and im enjoying it...well the battery life is a joke i mean having to charge the phone every night is just not on

  • Nin

How soft is too soft when you guys are referring to the headphone etc.

  • Anonymous

Nice to look at but thats about it. Battery life is very short and the menu is a maze to navigate. Multimedia especialy video can be improved as I can't play vids fullscreen.

  • Dinkum

Best thing about the phone is HSDPA and music player, the rest is useless! No battery life, only available in VodaFone operating system, awfull browser. No Themes available, bad sound on speaker and headphones. Alarm Clock only snoozes twice then alarm switches off!
Rather buy the x560...

  • kopano

Samsung need to pay attention on the battery life.

  • Dean

Would just like to know what comes with this phone in the box?

  • musa

I've been battling for three months to get a car charger for this phone from Samsung and Vodacom. Is this a grey product?

  • William

Earpice tooo soooft. battery life a joke.
Still not able to edit contacts from laptop. Can only synchonise.
Samsung needs to update thier software.
I love the HSDPA.
I love the look of the phone.

  • Bjorn

Yeah, the sound from the earpiece is very soft!!! The first one i bougth i actually returned and told them there was something wrong with the speaker. They tested it and agreed with me that it was too soft. The replacement i got had exactly the same problem! So yeah, thats my only beef with this phone.

My battery life was extremely short, but changing the network mode from UMTS to GSM900/1800 when not using internet now makes this thing last a week with moderate calling without charging :)

The sound with headphones is great aswell!

9/10 in my opinon. :)

  • N3XU5

Had this phone for 4 months now...

Seriously happy with the HSDPA. Not impressed with the battery-life (though it lasts way longer when BlueTooth is off!)

I bought the phone for US$500 - dropped it and broke the flip action. Wasn't covered under warranty since it's "physical damage". Paid US$200 to have it repaired by Vodafone.

Had it back for a week now, and I'm still impressed with the HSDPA. Just too expensive to run it, since the cost of data is US$0.30 per MB.

Bad reception, but that may be due to the servive in my area.

Phone gets very hot when charging! Also during calls. The charger's port beats Nokia's "pop-ports" hands down. Pop-port from Nokia single handedly stopped me buying another Nokia.

On the whole, ZV50 is a great phone for surfing the web and listening to music.

  • seth

i think this cool in a way but the battery life is so freaking weak. i was on the internet for 10 minutes and it just died. i think samsung needs to sort this out.