Samsung Galaxy S8’s Bixby button can be remapped, confirmed on video

Enrique, 06 April 2017

Many of you must be really excited about the new Samsung Galaxy S8. But many of you are probably not really excited for Bixby. Not to worry, as a new video that surfaced through Reddit shows that the button can be re-programmed to open something else, say… Google Assistant? Okay, or maybe Pokemon GO… You know who you are.

Anyway, Dylan Bertwell from YouTube walked into a Best Buy store and played with the Galaxy S8. He found that the Bixby button can easily be reconfigured to open another application by using a third-party app. The app in question is called All in One Gestures and is currently available on the Play Store.

In the video, Dylan pressed the Bixby button and the Google Now homepage popped up instead. All while ignoring the Samsung rep’s pitch for the new phone. In any case, this answers one huge doubt that many folks may have had about the Bixby button. It should be remap-able, right? After all, the Samsung Galaxy S7 active had an extra key, and you could remap it to whatever you wanted if you didn’t prefer to use Samsung’s Activity app.



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  • AnonD-663782
  • 22 Apr 2017
  • mB}

I wanne edit but time was over for editing so here the good version,sorry! I have the s8 (pre order)and very happy but there are some negatives .The bixby button is for right handed people on a strange place.If i hold the Phone,my left thumb is ...

true. but not all people are using the english variant of Siri.

I do speak english. and my native language. I do prefer to use my native language. (Except for Siri in the iOS. Siri is better in english. and no. I am NOT an iSheep as I got BOTH IOS and Android) and since my native language =/= English. Bixby is no...

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