Samsung's foldable phone briefly shown in promo video

Ivan, 01 February 2019

Someone managed to obtain a promo video that shows what the future of Samsung technology might look like. The video shows windows that double as huge displays, a Minority Report-styled touchscreen wall with air gestures, a bezel-less tablet and Samsung's foldable phone.

The last one seems likeliest to come soon. Samsung's Galaxy F is coming this year and might even be shown at the MWC later this month - fingers crossed.

Here's the video. The most interesting part is at 0:23.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

This just looks like a standard Samsung depicting of the future, we can't say that anything in the video would be available in the immediate future. There's things such as the tatooist using a computerised needle, a man using three large screens and ...

Buy a Oneplus 6 with 8gb ram it never lags . shifted to OP 6 from S9+ .Never buy expensive prototypes. Give yourself a favor and dont be a lab rat for Samsung

Wow... Can't wait to see the reviews

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