Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Ring won't be compatible with iOS devices

Ro, 01 March 2024

During a roundtable discussion at this year's MWC with Samsung's VP, Hon Pak, he made clear that the upcoming Galaxy Ring will not be supported by iPhones. A fairly bold move by Samsung.

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Ring won't be compatible with iOS devices

Hon Pak said that Samsung is confident in the product and acknowledges the Android/iOS challenge, but the company's devices are not lesser than Apple's, so there are very good reasons to make the switch if you want to use Samsung's ecosystem. He also added that Samsung is working on integration with other Android devices, not just Samsung phones.

Since the Galaxy Ring comes in various sizes, the smallest ones will use a 14 mAh battery, while the bigger ones will draw power from a 21.5 mAh unit. These should be enough to provide 5-9 days of battery life.

The actual release of the Galaxy Ring is yet unknown, but rumors suggest it will join the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 this July's Unpacked event. In the meantime, check out our hands-on impression.



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"abysmal" if samsung's claim of 7-9 days of battery is accurate, it will have the best battery of all the smart rings that currently exist

That wasn't what I was referring to.

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Mar 2024
  • wr3

Yes, patent means nothing because it still needs multiple years of trial&errors before launching it as a real product. The fact that samsung launches the Galaxy ring way ahead of apple, shows that Samsung has the patents more early than Appl...

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