Second recall for Samsung Galaxy Note7 could happen, experts say

07 October 2016

As you might already know, an alleged replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 unit recently caught fire on a plane in the US. This has resulted in the country's consumer safety watchdog (CPSC) launching a probe into the incident.

While there's currently no official information on whether or not the phone in question is a new, safe Galaxy Note7, experts are of the view that if it indeed turns out to a replacement unit, Samsung could face a second recall of the handset.

"If itís the fixed phone and it started to smoke in his pocket, Iím going to guess thereíll be another recall," said Pamela Gilbert, a former executive director of CPSC.

She also said that the agency could come up with a decision in this regard as early as next week. "This is not something you want to leave hanging out there."

According to Nancy Nord, a former acting chairwoman of the consumer safety watchdog, a second recall is unusual, but added that it could certainly be done "if it appears this is something beyond an aberration."