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Sendo M550

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this was an indestructible phone

i loved it

    • j
    • johnisha
    • bEK
    • 30 Nov 2013

    "Object of Desire" ? Well that's what Sendo calls the M550, its latest mid-range model. Believe me when I say that for a model of its kind, they're not far from the truth! The sleek little handset became my companion for 2 weeks, and even though I had done my "homework" by reading up on it, its appearance when I unwrapped the standard kit from the British company was more than impressive. The little handset has full support for EMS and SMS Chat, a lot of personalization combos, themes, and impressive 16 tone melodies. More than enough for a young inexperienced user who prefers easy, portable, and entertaining connectivity without the high tech features and services.
    Physical Characteristics and Display.
    The Sendo M550 is not an elaborated handset, yet still impressive. Primarily designed to meet the needs of demanding youth, or those wishing to reclaim their youth, it features a folder type design, chrome materials, smooth feeling, and complete lack of an external antenna - all of combined into a mere 82 x 45 x 20mm package. With the flip closed, the tiny handset is about the size of an average credit card, fitting in almost any kind of pocket - no matter how small it may be. Additionally, with a weight that barely reaches 77g and only 68cc of volume, it really boasts of portability, ease of use, and risk free transportation. On the outside, the most impressive feature of the M550 is its inverted, dark sub display. With an active resolution of 96x64 pixels, excellent lighting, and an impressive font, it's going to be your only way of communication with the handset when the latter is flip closed. It displays the signal indicator, battery level, the name of the network you're using, the time and date, incoming calls, and messages with animated pictures as well as other alerts. Just as any good display would. The only problem is that there is no way of checking the sub-display at night, since it only lights up when you flip the folder open or when a message or call arrives. There are no buttons on the exterior of the phone at all, not even volume controls. Unfortunately the M550 also lacks an IrDA port and does not even have a serial communication port on the bottom of the phone.
    The handset that Sendo offered to me came with a stylish black cover, one of the six that the British company offers as accessories to its users, suitable for every occasion or taste. You can choose from a collection of Blue, Red, Black, Green, Turquoise, or Purple colors that really can make your Sendo look more youth-oriented or trendy. For those more demanding users, there's a vast selection of accessories, such as handsfree headsets, extra batteries, car kit chargers, etc. Talking about charging, the only input to this phone was its 2.5 mm jack that is suitable not only for charging the phone but for the use with a headset, in case you need to free your hands. Nothing more...nothing less.

      • y
      • yplayne
      • fmN
      • 06 Aug 2013

      good day...pls am having a problem with my sendo soon as put sim into the phone, the only thing it display is "BLOCKED"...what's the solution pls...pls u can kindly send the solution to

        • y
        • yplayne
        • fmN
        • 06 Aug 2013

        good day...pls am having a problem with my sendo soon as put sim into the phone, the only thing it display is "BLOCKED"...what's the solution pls

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • rvE
          • 15 Jul 2013

          my writes geblokkeerd on display what wrong

            • M
            • Mani
            • q}k
            • 02 Apr 2012

            Could some please give me the names of default ringtones on this phone OR a link to stock ringtones.
            I searched the web and didn't find it.
            Thank you so much

              • B
              • BB
              • mgT
              • 17 Aug 2011

              I too have a Sendo M550 and agree with all the comments it is a fabulous phone, the very best. However, I have misplaced the user manual and appear to have a capital G along side the battery picture on the screen, as this has appeared the volume has also diminished, without the manual I can't get rid of the G I am sure when I can the volume will return, can anyone out there help me.

              I have loaned the phone to my husband whilst he is in hospital, he is very mobile phone un-friendly and seems to have messed up my phone please help! thanks

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • m2d
                • 31 Aug 2009

                Fabulous little phone! OK, it's discontinued now, but I got mine, oh, it must be over 5 years ago, and I have wanted no other phone since I got it. It is smaller than most phones today, it is easy to use, it has lovely "themes" (visual displays), and super little pictures that you can use on the screen or send to people. Mine has never gone wrong (it is small but sturdily built), and it charges quickly and keeps its charge well. Wonderful thing!

                  • A
                  • Adrian
                  • 0Ca
                  • 05 Jul 2009

                  My first phone. What I liked about it was the design, the fact that I could write an SMS without looking at the keypad (buttons are well spaced), the nice to hear ringtones, the themes and the "Splat" game and the pretty good resolution. The downsides were: the bigger the sms was, the more it would lag with text input (from sms no. 2-3), the lack of MMS and the not very impressive battery life (4 days standby), the clamshell that broke after 10 months and the low speed WAP.

                  By the way, it supports .mmf sound files, like some older Samsung phones. Some may also contain voice, but there's a file size limit...

                  Unfortunately, it seems a bit sensitive. Mine stopped working probably because of a little bit of water getting in it... (I dropped it on thin snow)

                    • I
                    • Ian
                    • 0pi
                    • 16 Feb 2009

                    Have had one of these phones for several years. It has had a pretty hard time as I work in the builing trade, but in spite of that it has never given me a minutes trouble. Best phone I've had yet - (I also have a Blackberry) I like it so much that I've just bought two
                    more while I can still get them.

                      • L
                      • Lee
                      • nFd
                      • 04 Sep 2008

                      I've had this phone for three years. Given it a heck of a hard time but no problems whatsoever. Brilliant - does what it is. Small, light, goodlooking, phone. No daft camera/bluetooth to go wrong. If you want a phone, buy a phone. If you want a camera, buy a camera.

                        • a
                        • angel
                        • w0Q
                        • 09 Mar 2008

                        i love this phone. mine(N3650) got stolen so i used this phone that my mom used as a backup phone and i love it! the tunes are not boring at all! very stylish and most of all not all people know how to use the phone so hardly anybody can use it without my permission! (ha!) love it! its just that when my dad bought me a pda, he gave this phone away to my cousin, so... but hey! this is a great phone! if i'll be given a chance to have this one again, i'll definitely grab that chance!

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • m2c
                          • 23 Dec 2007

                          Just posted a comment about my new Motorola W375 (not very good), so I thought I'd post one about this phone, which I have had for a few years and is far far better than my new Moto! This Sendo is tiny and fits anywhere, it has plenty of space for extra ringtones (poly not MP3), and it is easy to use. Bad points are the keys aren't that easy to see as they are small and the letters are illuminated pale green on silver (OK if you use it more than I do and can remember what's where, I suppose). No camera/bluetooth/whatever, but as this is an old style phone that's no problem. Wonderful things are that it has many completely different display themes you can choose from, a lot of ringtones and you can download more, and it shows stuff on the external screen (date, time and messages received, but that is more than my new Moto can do!). Main problem with mine is that it takes ages to start up lately and says "loading try later" when I try to send a message, but I think that's just because I have too many numbers programmed into it, it didn't do it when I had less. Oh - one more thing - if you DO have trouble with ringtones, get in touch with the ringtone site and tell them what camera you have, as they might need to alter the tune for the phone to accept it. I did this ages ago and the site said the Sendo is different from most other phones! On the whole though I would say this this is an EXCELLENT little phone and if you can still get them, buy one!

                            • n
                            • nimalarasa
                            • PGh
                            • 12 Dec 2007

                            boring ringing tune
                            if u want to change tune log on to and singup then search mid files which is lower than 10 kb and download it in to your mobile any thing more if u want contact me at

                              • m
                              • maia
                              • pYR
                              • 01 Dec 2007

                              I want to know how to get ringtones because all mine are bbbbbbbbbbborrrrrrrrrrriiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • pJA
                                • 23 Oct 2007

                                i hav a freind ho got this, but the flip broke

                                  • T
                                  • Tahir Farooq
                                  • PB2
                                  • 03 Sep 2007

                                  Very cheep in Pakistan but no dealer outlet for guarantee and other services like repair, data cable, soft ware etc.

                                    • r
                                    • rossalyne
                                    • i55
                                    • 08 Aug 2007

                                    my phone keeps telling me sendo test pliz help,calls are going through but i cant axcess my phone settings and sms

                                      • R
                                      • Rose
                                      • I7G
                                      • 02 Aug 2007

                                      It's a gr8 phone. Been using it for 3 yrs now. A little slow at starting wen u press the on button n it does'nt com wid many features (i.e. no blue tooth, camera or radio) but the screens very colourful, the phone is incredibly small and light and aesthetically pleasing. Plus it comes with the game splat!

                                        • l
                                        • lyles2k_msn@hotmail.
                                        • pw2
                                        • 24 Jun 2007

                                        i had his phone but th all the buttons began to fall off,