Sendo M550

Sendo M550

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  • ?
  • Anonymous
  • nE9
  • 01 Jun 2007

what the hell does a G mean in the top bar

    • S
    • Samuel Mwenda
    • i55
    • 22 May 2007

    I really love my sendo M550 but not more than my wife ofcourse anyway, my only problem with it is that it's loop has gone flat and I can't get a spare anywhwere here in Kenya, please HELP!! I don't want to have another new one just because of a loop! can you send me over that spare for a faithful customer?? please.

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • pk6
      • 04 Mar 2007

      i have the same problem with taht sendo test

        • J
        • James
        • mX$
        • 31 Jan 2007

        If anyone needs a user manual for the Sendo M550, you can get it here

          • H
          • Hasib
          • PA$
          • 31 Jan 2007

          Hi, i luv to use Sendo M550,it is
          "8Y0M-6792A-3A000" but i have a problem with it,my INER DISPLAY(Glass) already broken But outer DISPLAY is ok & i can make call & receive call. Due to this reason i can n't enter menu & operat my phone properly. could u help me pls.
          pls, help me as soon as possible.

            • J
            • James
            • mX$
            • 29 Jan 2007

            I've always been quite fond of my M550, but for the last couple of days I've been unable to read any text messages - I just get "try again". I can send messages, make and receive calls, but can't read texts.

              • c
              • charles
              • m1V
              • 12 Jan 2007

              i love my phone sendo M550.but i have a problem with it is 8Y0M-00000-00029.When i on it it shows sendo test.pls help me,what will i do. am from Nigeria.pls help me..

                • J
                • Javed Sahil
                • jJV
                • 07 Jan 2007

                Hi, i luv to use Sendo M550,it is
                "8y0m-00000-00055" but i have a problem with it, when i switch it on,it shows a message: "Sendo Test" . This message does not let me do anything, neither i can call nor get into the Menu.and when i use
                " *#06# " it shows this type of message ???????????8 could u help me pls.
                All of my frieds are angry with me due to this handset. pls, help me as soon as possible.
                Javed Sahil

                  • G
                  • Graeme
                  • nFH
                  • 02 Jan 2007

                  Hi, I've been using this phone a while and now I cannot sent texts or phone at all - it just says try again. What looks like a 'G' with a score through it is at the top of the main screen which isnt normally and im not sure what this means - hunting for manual to no avail... anyone got any ideas? cheers.

                    • D
                    • Daniel
                    • mHp
                    • 23 Dec 2006

                    Ive had this phone for ADGES now, its been through the washing machine for 2 hours, and has lasted me from when it came out till now (December 06) and its still working! Great phone, i would reccomend the make to others.

                      • P
                      • PC
                      • SmV
                      • 19 Dec 2006

                      Desperate for - Anybody got a user manual.pdf they could mail me for Sendo M550. Much obliged. Thanks.

                        • A
                        • Anon
                        • m7j
                        • 08 Dec 2006

                        I got this phone a year ago...still going strong. Bad points first :
                        1) flimsy construction...creaks when you press it.
                        2) Next to no features more than the classic Nokia 5110 in the 90s.

                        Good points:
                        1) very light, very small.
                        2) awesome battery...goes on and on.
                        3) very stylish phone indeed.

                        Bottom line, if you just need a basic phone for calling and smsing...this is as good as it can get.

                          • l
                          • livie
                          • m1V
                          • 31 Oct 2006

                          truly i luv Sendo M550 especially d games. but recently i switched it on and got this sendo test of a message. please somebody help me remove it. i dont want to loose the phone!

                            • p
                            • patrick edifor
                            • mcu
                            • 12 Oct 2006

                            i was given a sendo m550 but it seems that i hv a problem with the pin code/sim. so pls, i hope u can help me find it cuz i cant wait to loose it. thax for ur regards. patrick.pls, wanna see it my inbox pls.

                              • p
                              • patrick edifor
                              • mcu
                              • 11 Oct 2006

                              hi, my phone has a problem. its about the sim pin/code, pls, can u help me get it cuz i cant wait to start using it again.
                              its, SENDO GSM
                              M55O EF SND550
                              pls, this id under the battery.
                              thanks for ur regards.

                                • s
                                • suma
                                • 2SS
                                • 06 Oct 2006

                                hii.. my mobile is working good.. but.. even though i hav gprs... im unable to recieve polyphonic ringtones...... can u solve dis problem.....thanking u...

                                  • M
                                  • MS
                                  • n$k
                                  • 06 Oct 2006

                                  I have this Sendo for a while, more than 3 years.
                                  At the beginning it faild twice on reading messagens, but as it was on the warranty period, the reset the software free of charge.

                                  Since last software everything goes fine. Small and Cute phone. I like it.

                                    • F
                                    • Faye
                                    • iLS
                                    • 05 Sep 2006

                                    I loved this phone. My older sister gave it to my for my birthday and i thought it was wicked. It is simple, no camera, no bluetooth... but it is a good trustworthy phone! The polyphonic ringtones didnt sound like normal polyphonic ringtones on my phone (im not sure if other have this too), but it sounded better to me. I would go back to my sturdy sendo anyday! PS: I dont have it now because the pin of the charger my sister gave me got stuck in the charger hole and snapped in half and we couldnt get it out :(

                                      • a
                                      • amodu
                                      • nFb
                                      • 29 Aug 2006

                                      one of my friend is using this sendo.
                                      and it as a lot of problem facing my friend
                                      he cannot read is messg there is no internet
                                      on it (is not configure)
                                      help myt friend out

                                        • T
                                        • Tissa
                                        • jy0
                                        • 18 Jul 2006

                                        I have a sendo m550 but i can not read my messages.I have tried taking it for repairs but still,noone knows how to restore it.I really love the phone,so i really need your help. Any help rendered will be highly appreciated.