Sendo M550

Sendo M550

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  • DiGi
  • 15 Nov 2003

this foneis grrrreat coloyr screen w'kd but the outer side screen is hard 2 c in the dark however jus flip it open n close...there u have it the outer screen lit! this fone is definately worth its money i wud suggest it 2 anyone!

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • 14 Nov 2003

    i got fis fone but mines blak n silva n it got a diff keypad n every1 luvs it!! so jelus dos e peeps r so ye it worth replacin ur 5210 wid dis it got wikid games n all reely nice poly rigntones

      • a
      • adam
      • 06 Nov 2003

      mite b gettin dis fone 2moz, can ne 1 tell me if its worth it to replace a nokia 5210, thnx in advance

        • r
        • robert
        • 05 Nov 2003

        most beautiful phone I ever saw - and works like a dream. great polyphonics and wallpapers, also nice animated underwater screensaver

          • A
          • Abdulla
          • 04 Nov 2003

          i bought it yesterday, i like it, everything is great.

            • t
            • tony
            • 02 Nov 2003

            just bought this on O2 , this is a funky phone and british made to boot !
            ok so its not got lots of toys but it does what it says on the tin ! its a phone thats all it needs to do and it does it well
            its in the link (uk only) at 89.99 with 10% off this weekend its a bargain :-)
            nokias are not the only phones

              • c
              • chanatdyl
              • 01 Nov 2003

              it looks beautiful, works very well, and has the most amazing alarm feature - polyphonic wind chimes! there is NO better way to wake up in the morning! try it you will see

                • B
                • Ben
                • 29 Oct 2003

                A cracking phone, just the thing I'm looking for.

                  • ?
                  • ??
                  • 18 Oct 2003

                  The Sendo M550 has rubbish designs, features and Performance

                    • ?
                    • ??
                    • 18 Oct 2003

                    The Sendo M550 is not the best phones in the world the the Best ones are the L.G Phones, Sharp and Samsung

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                      • ??
                      • 18 Oct 2003

                      Lulu the Sendo M550 Mobile Phone is rubbish just because it is Colour the Samsung V200 is better and so is the Samsung A800. If the network is O2 it is rubbish because they call you and then hang up on you.

                        • L
                        • Lulu
                        • 08 Oct 2003

                        I've bought this phone, and it's worth it's money, flip is great, colours are great..way better than m last one. But does anyone know where i can get any more ringtones apart from the sendo site??

                          • R
                          • Robert
                          • 06 Oct 2003

                          :D Hope the Sendo M550 don't break down.

                            • R
                            • Robert
                            • 06 Oct 2003

                            It is a good Colour Phone like the designs and the older Sendo Phones is rubbish some off them don't have wap.

                              • N
                              • Near_DEATH
                              • 29 Sep 2003

                              I wonder if this cell good or not to buy it if anyone KNOW,and dose it takes PC cable to load data to it?

                                • B
                                • Beth
                                • 15 Sep 2003

                                Hi have find out that you can get this phone it seems on the virgin network only for £89.99 Pay As You GO only!!

                                  • B
                                  • Beth
                                  • 11 Sep 2003

                                  i believe this phone will be coming out on the virgin network. it is in there new brochure but the key pad dosent look the same. Can anyone tell me if there has been some problems at sendo because this phone should have been out in July?

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 05 Sep 2003

                                    hey were can i get this mobile in the UK? (on vodafone or t-mobile)

                                      • P
                                      • Pedro Frota
                                      • 03 Sep 2003

                                      When polyphonics ringtones to Portugal.
                                      i´m waiting the soonest reply.

                                        • p
                                        • pjre
                                        • 28 Aug 2003

                                        is one of the most beautiful phone i seen. the sony ericsson z1010 is beautiful too, but i bealive that the price is a little bit diferent... and like beth said, "I think some of you are missing the point with this phone it is basically for people who just want to text and make calls with a bit of class". way to go beth!!