Some Samsung Galaxy S8 units get camera focus bug

Himanshu, 29 November 2017

A significant number of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ users are reporting a camera-related issue with their units. Specifically, those affected say their phone's camera struggles to focus while taking photos, both with the native Camera app and third-party ones like Snapchat.

The issue persists even if you try using manual focus. Needless to say, this behavior results in blurry photos. Here are a couple of samples shared by users:

There's a dedicated thread at the South Korean company's official forums discussing this issue. Complaints started pouring in months back, but reports have been more frequent lately.

Recently, a Samsung moderator replied on the thread, listing out some basic troubleshooting steps that users should try out first.

And if these doesn't work, the moderator is suggesting that users should send their units in for an evaluation and repair. Sadly, they didn't provide any details on whether it's a software bug or a hardware issue.