Sharp GX10

Sharp GX10

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  • Katie

i have a sharp gx10 and i cannot send mms messages because it say 'connection not available' and my friend said she had to ring a number to be able to send mms messages and i dont know what number to ring or anything to activate it can any one help me please?? plz can u email me.


hey iam affan i want to known how to use infared of sharp gx10 because this phone is very very good but i have problem that i cant use infared of shar gx10 if some help me i shall be very thxfull to him.

  • steven

can some please tell me how to access the wap messages i keep being sent, new to this phone and dont have manual.. please help and get me through stage by stage of what to do

  • Victor

i love the phone though have a prob how do i get a charger mine blew and i'm all the way in nairobi kenya

  • luc hum

i like some of them. but i thi k you should labewl the phones and don't be to stupid!

  • asimwe.mubarak

Thank you for your support.
I would like to wether it's possible to acces the internet using sharp GX-10.And if so what soft ware should i buy.What of having pictures taken by it on a computer.Thanx

  • Madhu

Like many others i don't have a manual to my set and my camera is full...could someone help in downloading and gettin the manual pls

  • jonathon weldon

great phone ,but please can someone tell me how to send files by infrared (please text me about this on 07765343307

  • jonathon weldon

please can someone tell me how to send files via infrared (please text me about this 07765343307) thanks

  • Bob Freeman

Like many others.. i need a copy of the Manual for the GX10.. If any one can help me on this.. i would be gratefull...

Thanks: Bob Feeman.

  • L Knight

Ive borrowed one of these phones and im completely confused as to why there is a gold envelope with a w or a "w shaped" squiggle underneath it. there are no unread sms's nor mms's nor is there overload on either! Anyone with any ideas PLEASE contact me! ty

  • JOHN

this telefon is compatible for infrared?

  • hazaa

hi i have problem i dont know how to do program and tone in mobile sharp gx10 if we have reasons please send to me in my email up writen think for who making it

  • jay

So many times when I save my friends contact numbers on the phone, later they dont show up on the phonebook list.....I am quite puzzled.
Can anyone flash some light on this please?
I haven't got time to sit n read the whole manual for that.


  • ryan

i can hear the caller can not hear me have i pressed the wrong button or is their a secracy button on the phone

  • michele smith

I have no cable for connecting the phone to my PC. Is there another way to get the photos from it????

  • Dom

Help Needed.
Could anyone help me with a down load of GX10 manual? I am despirate to know a little more about my handset. I stay in Italy and I cant speak Italia yet. Please Whoever can download should please mail it to my address. Ciao!

  • looney

how can i add names to my mobile

  • hieptrv

I live in vietnam but I don't know where sell Sharp mobile anh spare parts'Sharp

  • hieptrv

I have GX10 but I can not connect Internet I dont know why?
Please help me!