Sharp GX10i

Sharp GX10i

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  • Lou

Whoever wrote that message about gettin rid of the wap alerts has saved me from going insane!! I couldnt work out how to get rid of that stupid little envelope THANKYOU!!!

  • nicki31

my partner and i have recently bought a gx10i but hers wont sends texts mms and connect to the wap. iv phoned the network and they say the sim has been activated so it must be the settings but thge settings r all fine can anyone help please. thanks

  • tom

Does anyone know how to take the texting off predicted writing,i cant write the word i want,any help with be much appreciated

  • Lena

Halo =D I'm from M'sia. May i know where can i download polyphonic ringtones, which support Sharp GX 10i???

  • $outh $ide $mith

Hey 503peaches,All phones use sim cards!
i am t3h 1337

  • $outh $ide $mith

This phone is amazing, camera is excellent and ringtones r good and overall its a wicked phone.

  • Kamal Ahmad

i live in Malaysia and i need spare battery,can some one tell me where can i get it.If in S'pore can i have the phone & fax nos to contact.

  • Ace

If you want to download/upload pictures, photos, download sms and phonebook (only from simcard) and send sms from computer, you should by cable from Mobile Action. The cable type is MA-8110P. And I suggest you the Handset manager for GX20 program. This is better, because you can upload gif images to your phone and there are some plus. I hope I could help you.

  • gail

i am sending ring tones to phone getting them in a tex miv an hppp:// adrress saying go to wap browser? i am set up on internet on my pone but cant find browser anyway just odinary search which dont allow u to put address in??? confused.can you help? 07879276358

  • Shahkar

i live in lahore pakistan can anyone tell me from where i can get gx 10i's data cable or anyother way i can send pics to ma computer

  • spamma

sorry for spam, i was drunk.
this is a mad fone. hmmm, my spam is gone.

  • 503peaches

does this phone use a sim card

  • Mike

id like to know what the high and low points of this fone are coz i might be buying this fone soon

  • bluedeacon

to get rid of the envelope you need to connect to vodafone live and then press the green phone phone button. A window will appear - scroll down to item 8 Alert Inbox and you can empty from there - this takes the envelope away.

  • kev97

i finally worked out how to get rid of unopened wap alerts (the envelope with the w by it) sure there is an easier way but this how i dun it go into the message menu select vodafone mail then see vodafone mail let it start loading for about 3 seconds then press top right key u get to a menu choose numer 8 alert box and then delete the stupid messages hope this helps someone else from getting as stress as i have been!!!!

  • kev97

i too am stuck with the stupid envelope from the wap alert anyone know how to get rid???

  • caca

I recently recieved a wap message and went to open it but just as I was my battery died (typical. Now I am left with this little envelope symbol at the top of my fone and I can't ged rid. I did never find out what the message was!!

  • chris

Anybody know how to get rid of the envolope symbol from the two screens, as i have no messages

  • joker

sharp make the best mobile phons-sharp is number 1!

  • Spammer

the below message is for Skippy...